Small Town Charm in Lawrenceburg Indiana

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Do musicians really get to enjoy the charm of the towns where they are playing?  In September 2020, David Victor took his show, The Hits of Boston & More, to Lawrenceburg Indiana to perform for their Outdoor Fall Fest in a newly created outdoor venue.

This was an East meets West gig.  David and the guys are from California, and the talent buyer for the event was from Hershey Pennsylvania, @ 2 miles from where I live.  Strange coincidence, but after years, I finally got to meet my neighbors from BRP Entertainment.  And, we all converged on this small town of 5,500 people for one reason – rock ‘n roll!

Other than this being another kick-ass show, this town had a small-town charm that really captivated us all.  The local police picked the guys up at the airport, and the next morning, we all walked over to Cummins Cafe Delights for breakfast, where the owner, a one-woman show, waited on all of us, made our breakfast, served us at a couple tables outside on the sidewalk and settled our bills.  

Small Town Charm in Lawrenceburg Indiana 1
Michael’s order is in, next?

While there, we met Bob Rybolt who knows this town in and out.  I brought him over to meet the guys and he later bought us a round of drinks at RiverWatch, a scrumptious restaurant right ‘on the Ohio River’ by the hotel.  The servers there were so friendly and the food and company was beyond excellent.

Small Town Charm in Lawrenceburg Indiana 2
The friendly servers at RiverWatch in Lawrenceburg Indiana

We also offered a Meet ‘n Greet before the show for some of our faithful fans that traveled as far as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & Ohio.  We all met on that scenic patio overlooking the Ohio River and RiverWatch Restaurant, and the guys, with their harmonic voices entertained our fans, the Mayor, Lisa from BRP, a couple hotel staff and of course, me and my best friend, Linda.  The Meet ‘n Greet also doubled as David’s weekly Harmony & Healing LIVE show.

Small Town Charm in Lawrenceburg Indiana 3
Meet ‘n Greet on the patio overlooking the Ohio River

The day of the show, a few of us ate lunch on that very popular patio by the hotel, and I think David was actually talking himself and Tamra into moving to Lawrenceburg.  It was very still, peaceful and serene by the River.  I don’t know how many musicians actually get to enjoy the towns or cities that they perform in, but it’s always good to kick back and smell the roses sometimes, especially in Lawrenceburg Indiana.

Small Town Charm in Lawrenceburg Indiana 4
Owning the stage in Lawrenceburg Indiana September 2020

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