Unforgettable Food From The Road 2021

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Food gives us a reason to live and enjoy life. Like I said before, a lot goes into planning a show or multiple shows for David Victor Presents, and one of the things I plan ahead for is good restaurants so the boys can build up their protein or carbs, or whatever they need to put on a great show.

Having fun with food from the road!
Look at those smiles when the food comes, even one thumbs up!

How to Find Food from the Road

I love looking at maps to find food from the road, always have, so, I jump on that necessary evil, Google Maps. I look at the path we need to take, then figure what time everyone is flying in minus 2-3 hours stomach-time for them, time to get rental van or cars, and, as a band MOM, find a few nice nutritious restaurants to choose from within 20 miles of the airport if possible.

I look at the restaurant rating which should be 4.5 or more, reviews with minimal negatives, menu for foods they like and with a vegetarian column, pics to make sure there is room for all of us and if it’s not too far out of the way to the hotel. I choose about 4-5 restaurants, and put them on our SHOW DAY SHEET so the guys can check ’em out ahead of time if they want.

One of the best and unforgettable choices was in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin in October 2019. David, Michael & I got into Milwaukee and drove right to one of my choices, The Main Mill Restaurant. We STILL talk about their whitefish dinner today, it was THAT GOOD.

I hope we stop there again in October 2021 on our way to our show in Wisconsin Rapids (please, pretty please!)

Unforgettable Food From The Road 2021 1
Highly recommend the whitefish at The Main Mill Restaurant in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin

In April 2018, after we all landed in San Antonio for a private Platinum Rockstars cover band show at The Tobin, we chose La Fogata Mexican Restaurant for dinner. We overheard the family next to us say it was someone’s birthday, so, after having a few drinks, the guys couldn’t help but get up and wish her their “Lady” version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Serenading a birthday girl at La Fogata in San Antonio TX April 2018

I could tell ‘food from the road’ stories all day long! Here’s another. Most times we get picked up at an airport by the venue, so in Indiana where our Boston/Styx tribute band, David Victor formerly of Boston, played for a 2nd year in a row, we all piled into a van and talked our driver, Tim Tonsor, into stopping for dinner at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard just a few miles from the Indianapolis Speedway. I can’t tell you how many oyster shooters some of the guys had, but I think they had to send the boat out to catch more!!

Unforgettable Food From The Road 2021 2
Lost count on the oyster shooters at Rick’s Cafe Boatyard in Indianapolis Indiana

How about one more? We have a couple of ‘roadies’ from the Detroit area that love to transport the gang from one venue to another when we’re in the area.

Three shows in April 2018 found us in San Antonio TX, Saginaw MI and Van Wert OH, so after we flew in from San Antonio, Norell and Frankie picked us up and on to way to Saginaw, we stopped at the New Hudson Inn in New Hudson MI, their friend’s bar/grill.

We were treated to the BEST American food and appetizers you could ask for. The guys even got up and sang a few songs for the patrons. It is def at the top of our list of places we’ve eaten!

A capella-ly serenading patrons at the New Hudson Inn in Michigan April 2018
Unforgettable Food From The Road 2021 3
Some, if not, THE best ‘on the road’ food at New Hudson Inn Michigan

Well, this blog could be another 10 pages long, but maybe I’ll work on Part II in the future. The food stories and fun are endless.

6 Responses

  1. Just found out that The Mill Restaurant in Menomonee Falls is permanently closed due to COVID restrictions. Anyone from that area have any other suggestions to eat for our October show in Wisconsin Rapids?

  2. We just heard that the Main Mill in Wisconsin closed. Boo-hoo! Best seafood I’ve ever had in my life!!

  3. GOOD NEWS! Maggie Fries from West Bend Wisconsin said that the Main Mill Restaurant is indeed open, but limited hours. So, hopefully, for our Oct. 21 show in Wisconsin Rapids, they will be in full swing. Yeahhhh!!!

    1. YIPPEEE!!! Great news from our roving reporter, Maggie Fries!! I guess someone needs to update the Main Mill resto’s website. But…the important thing is, they’re BACK!!

  4. Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami Beach, Florida. This place has been around since 1913. Best crab I’ve ever had. The staff is excellent and provides an exceptional dining experience.
    I watch Delicious Destinations on Food Network and plan my dining experiences that way.

  5. In n Out is a must when ever I’m near one. We don’t have any in Washington …..yet! I’m originally from Cali so I grew up going to In n Out. I love the simplicity of the menu. Cracker Barrel us another. I’ve only been once, back in Ohio. Comfort food away from home ????

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