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The Best ABBA Tribute Band in the US

Craving pure, unadulterated ABBA magic? Forget pale impersonators, BANDABBA delivers the real deal! These aren’t just musicians, they’re seasoned professional musicians who’ve shared stages and studios with icons like The Eagles, Barry Manilow, and Michael Bublé. 

Picture electrifying energy and spot-on renditions of “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” blended with stunning visuals – a full-scale tribute that captures the ABBA essence like no other. Book them for your event and prepare to be mesmerized!

BANDABBA - ABBA tribute act from Las Vegas, NV


Fast Facts:

Home Base: Las Vegas, NV
Year Founded: 2023
Gigs per year: 10-12

Book this ABBA tribute band today for your festival, corporate event, private event, casino or theater and let your audience experience a dominant classic rock milestone unlike any other.

BANDABBA ABBA tribute show 2024
Incredible female vocalists
BANDABBA ABBA tribute show 2024
The definitive ABBA tribute act

Unleash the ABBA Magic with BANDABBA: The Ultimate Pop Sensation Tribute!

Prepare to “Mamma Mia” because BANDABBA isn’t just your average ABBA tribute band. It’s an all-star ensemble of seasoned musicians who’ve shared the stage and studio with music royalty:

  • Rocked iconic anthems with The Eagles
  • Brought their magic to Barry Manilow’s electrifying shows
  • Grooved alongside the smooth sounds of Michael Bublé
  • Channeled the power of 80s rock with supergroup Asia

This isn’t just a list of names – it’s a testament to BANDABBA’s exceptional talent and experience. These aren’t impersonators; they’re consummate professionals who breathe life into ABBA’s timeless classics. Imagine the electrifying energy as they deliver spot-on renditions of hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo,” their musical prowess seamlessly intertwined with full-scale multimedia theatrics.

BANDABBA doesn’t just capture the music; they capture the essence of ABBA. Expect a nostalgic trip down memory lane, complete with dazzling costumes, vibrant visuals, and an infectious energy that will have you dancing in your seat and singing along.

More than just a tribute, BANDABBA is an unforgettable experience. They’re available for bookings worldwide, bringing the magic of ABBA to your private party, corporate event, or any celebration that craves a touch of pop perfection.

Ready to ignite your event with the ultimate ABBA tribute? Contact BANDABBA today and let them craft a night of pure joy and musical excellence that will leave you mesmerized and wanting more!

BANDABBA: Show Essentials

The BANDABBA cast consists of 7 persons plus 1 sound tech:

  • Lead vocal
  • Female vocal 1
  • Female vocal 2
  • Guitar 1/Vocal
  • Drums
  • Bass/Vocal
  • Sax/Keyboard
  • Sound tech


For flyouts (shows not in Las Vegas, NV) the band requires 10 separate hotel accommodations (at least 3 stars) at or within 2 miles of the venue or otherwise as close as possible checking in the day before the event and checking out the day after.

For shows that are not in or commutable by auto from, Las Vegas, NV (5 hour drive or less) band also requires backline.

Backline rider and PA requirements available upon request.



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