Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands

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Best Journey Tribute Bands

For many people, Journey is more than just a rock band.

In fact, Journey might be considered the ultimate rock band of its time with classic, unforgettable hit songs like Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’, Open Arms, Wheel in the Sky, and the universally acclaimed and staggeringly popular power ballad Don’t Stop Believin’.

What started out as a group for backing other artists in the early 1970s became a rock n’ roll sensation that, to this day, still gets their audience’s pulses racing with every high-power performance. The band continues to be be popular and tour to this day, and now features a revamped lineup, with Arnel Pineda responsible for the epic lead vocals of original vocalist, Steve Perry.

Suffice it to say, after millions of records sold, thousands of concerts held, and more than a dozen singles in the Top 40 Billboard Charts in the United States, Journey remains strong in every rock enthusiast’s heart. Of course, that means Journey is ripe for a tribute!

There are lots of Journey tribute bands across the United States, and the rest of the world. These are the Top 10 best, in our editorial opinion, of course, based on the information we could find on the band, their videos online and their current activity level.

A quick note about our list: we’ve made every effort to be accurate about names, dates and performance spots of these great bands. Unfortunately, old web data, the occasional spotty band website as well as lineup changes during the COVID-19 pandemic may have thrown our research for a bit of a loop (feel free to write and update us if you spot an error!)

If you’re looking for the best Journey tribute band for your event that sounds nearly as spectacular as the original, take a look at our list of the best Journey tribute bands of all time! You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Top 10 List of the Ultimate Journey Tribute Bands

#1 – E5C4P3

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 1
E5C4P3’s electrifying performance on stage

Our choice for the absolute BEST Journey tribute band of all time was close, but this incredible “Steve Perry” clone cements the deal: E5C4P3 (pronounced, “Escape”!) is among the first Journey tribute bands ever to exist.

Formed in 1993, the band went on a whirlwind tour that’s never truly stopped, traveling the world to revive the same energy and spirit that Journey has brought to its fans.

Band founder Jason Kelty, a Steve Perry impersonator who formed E5C4P3 before “tribute bands” were a thing, provides the spot-on, letter-perfect lead vocals. His amazing singing voice contributes to a nostalgic concert experience for Journey fans from start to finish.

Bassist and vocalist Paul Soos provides the counterpoint lead vocals of Journey songs originally voiced by Gregg Rolie. Paul too learned music early on, fronted bands of his own and joined forces with the incredible Jason Kelty to form the very difficult-to-type E5C4P3. The combination of Paul’s and Jason’s voices gives this Journey tribute a real one-two vocal punch.

George McGrew, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, is an experienced and talented musician, having learned to play musical instruments from a very young age, and keyboardist Erney Chaney has been playing the piano since he was a child. In the 80s, he co-founded a popular Christian rock band called “Twenty Twenty”. In 2009 he performed keyboards for Strat5, who was awarded at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio as Fortune Magazine’s “Best Band in Corporate America”.

Drummer Billy Jones has over three decades of drums experience and has performed across the country, Canada, and overseas.

Together, the band continues to define the meaning of the perfect tribute in every packed venue, thanks to their renditions of fan favorites like Open Arms, Separate Ways, and Faithfully. Some of their recent shows include Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and they regularly perform around Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

If you want a band that upholds Journey’s musical legacy and can take your rock experience to a whole new level, don’t sleep on E5C4P3.

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 2

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#2 – Voyage

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 3
VOYAGE at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

VOYAGE is a respected Journey tribute band filled with veteran musicians and brings the most unified, complete Journey experience

The lead vocalist, Hugo Valenti, is best known for his uncanny resemblance to Steve Perry, both in visuals and in sound. It’s the next best thing to the signature sound of renowned vocalist Steve Perry. Seeing him onstage feels like being transported back to the 80s and watching the original lineup perform – a true concert experience for anyone who loves Journey.

Prior to his position as lead vocalist for VOYAGE, singer Hugo was initially the frontman for the band Valentine, which debuted in 1990 on Warner Brothers records.

Other members of the band include Robby Hoffman, Lance Millard, Greg Smith, and Dana Spellman – some of the biggest names in their respective fields. Renowned drummer Charlie Zeleny and keyboardist Al Spinelli also had a brief stint with VOYAGE.

Hoffman previously played lead guitar for In The Pink, a hard rock band based in Boston. Millard leads SIR ELTON, an Elton John tribute band, and he also toured with Fiona and Angel, two 80s rock bands.

Meanwhile, Smith currently provides vocals and plays bass for Ted Nugent. He also has experience doing backup vocals for award-winning artists like Billy Joel and Alice Cooper. Lastly, although Spellman didn’t have any prior rock experience to this, he did teach at Berklee College of Music and has greatly helped VOYAGE perform hundreds of shows across the US.

Together, these world-class New York musicians can sell thousands of tickets and jampack arenas, fairs, and public venues.

Some of their most recent shows include Montclair and Huntington in New Jersey, as well as Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. They’re already scheduled to perform at Atlantic City, Reading, and New York City later this year, so be sure to check those out if you’re interested.

#3 – Absolute Journey Tribute

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 4
Absolute Journey Tribute at Nostalgia Festival, 2019

Absolute Journey Tribute, also known as AJT, is a Journey tribute band from San Francisco that does its best to stay faithful to the original band.

Each show is an energy-filled, unforgettable performance. AJT makes sure to interact with its audience as possible, even taking the time to do costume changes in between sets to maintain the fun and excitement.

Riccardo Curzi, the lead vocalist, can bring the spirit of Journey alive as he is an absolute dead ringer for the band’s most iconic lead singer, Steve Perry. His incredible high-energy performance will certainly leave a mark on the audience,  being one of the few who can pull off Steve Perry’s vocal range and stage movements during concerts – the same energy that brought the band critical acclaim.

The other band members, Marko Stojanovic, Dan Benezra, Andrew Scola, and Jaden Spanier are just as remarkable, matching up to the original band with fantastic accuracy.

One of the coolest things these guys did is to close for a STYX concert in Quebec back in 2017.

Aside from the usual theaters, festivals, casinos, and corporate events, AJT is one of the few Journey tribute bands that perform internationally, having had shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, and the Caribbean, in addition to the US.

The band is also notable for performing on cruise ships, such as Royal Caribbean International, Disney Cruise Line, and Celebrity Cruises.

If you want to know the date and location of their next shows, be sure to check out their website.

#4 – DSB

DSB journey tribute band

Compared to other tributes on this list, DSB, short for “Don’t Stop Believin” is a relatively recent tribute band, only playing for the first time in 2009. Since then, it has garnered a lot of popularity. Prior to the COVID pandemic, DSB boasted an astonishing tour schedule with approximately 120 shows all over America per year.

With the band’s high-energy performances and accurate renditions of the best Journey songs, it certainly lives up to its self-given title of “World’s Greatest Tribute to Journey.”

Lead vocalist Juan del Castillo has been a professional musician since seemingly since birth. His parents discovered his talent early on and started his voice training at three years old. Juan began his formal career performing in theaters at the tender age of nine.

Roger Cain, (brother of Jonathan Cain of JOURNEY) the lead guitarist, also started music at a young age, learning to strum the guitar as soon as he could reach the cords.

Other band members have included the talented Scotty Kormos on drums, Tony Love on bass, and Henry O’Neill on keyboards.

DSB attributes their success to their faithful renditions of Journey’s performances. They spend hours perfecting their personal take of the sound of Journey and strive to give the fans an accurate mirror of every rhythm and note of the band that they love.

Currently, the band tours the country for every in-demand musical performance. They’ve also partnered with a cruise line to perform on cruise ships bound to Europe and the Caribbean. Some of the places where they’ve already performed include Atlanta and Los Angeles.


Lights - Journey tribute band
Lights featuring vocalist Rudy Cardenas (American Idol) and guitarist Al Estrada (David Lee Roth)

Lights may well be the 2nd longest-running tribute band to Journey. Named after Journey’s song about their hometown, this 5-person band has been performing since 2006 for audiences of all ages. They’ve also toured the United States and even overseas, performing in in Asia and the UK.

Although this band is committed to staying true to the sounds that made Journey, they also endeavor to add their unique spirit to the mix and break free from the traditional way of giving tribute. Vocalist Rudy Cardenas, an American Idol vocal finalist, brings a fresh yet timeless take on the iconic stylings of Journey’s Steve Perry.

The band’s other members are equally astounding, with professional musicians Micheal Thompson on drums, Casey McNerney on bass, Jeff Vincent on keyboards, and blazing yet tasteful guitarist Al Estrada, who toured with David Lee Roth in 2018.

The entire band brings energetic performances, amazing note-for-note accuracy, and electrifying sounds that we know and love from Journey. With their lively performances and fresh spirit, they revive Journey’s epic concert atmosphere on every stage.

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#6 – Resurrection

resurrection journey tribute bands
Resurrection performing live on stage

Next on our list of the best Journey tribute bands is Resurrection. Nicknamed The Golden Standard, after which all journey tribute bands are measured, Resurrection is one of the most popular tribute bands working today.

Formed relatively recently in 2014 when the band’s keyboardist and founding members Vic White and Ryan Christopher first played tribute songs to a live audience, the band has grown in popularity and now tours all across the United States.

Lead singer Ryan Christopher nails Journey’s revered lead vocalist Steve Perry to a “T”, from his magnetic stage presence to impressive vocal abilities. Band keyboardist Vic White is a professional musician with decades of experience. You must get those keyboards right in a Journey cover band!

The band members have performed with some of the biggest music names in Nashville and have even worked with Journey and Steve Perry himself.

Resurrection’s primary appeal is its faithful recreation of the whole Journey experience. From their powerful tribute songs to the roaring energy of their concerts, fans are sure to love the authentic 1980 Journey concert experience that they’re in for when they listen to Resurrection.

As a result, Resurrection has gained the attention of the “big box tribute brands”, such as Royal Caribbean International cruises, Fraze Pavilion, and more.

#7 – Escape

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 5
Escape live at Temecula, California, 2021

Escape is a star-studded Journey tribute band that features five California-based rockstars who have performed in every part of the United States. These five names include big players in the rock and roll world, all of them their own biggest critics when it comes to music.

Stu Simone is the band’s keyboardist and music director. Stu is a veteran musician who toured with the multi-platinum band Poison. He also has plenty of other working experience with famous musicians and brands, such as current singers of bands Foreigner, Sweet, Toto, and more.

Master percussionist Gary Ponder is one of the busiest drummers in LA, and is endorsed by top drum equipment maker, Drum Workshop.

Other band members including Chad Smith, Jeff Ellis, and JP Michaels are equally impressive musicians, and together these five bring back the glory of Journey with their stage performances and impressive rendition of Journey’s classic hits.

Escape has performed in high-profile events and places, including the July 4th celebration Liberty by the Lake festival in Texas and on Good Morning Texas in 2007.

Escape is a complete concert experience, throwing you back to the era of rock n’ roll that you know and love. From their stage presence, authentic 80’s-era Journey vibe and set, you can be sure that this band will bring you Journey music at its best.

#8 – Journey Revisited

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 6
Journey Revisited at Elk Grove, California, 2020

Journey Revisited is a costumed and bewigged Journey tribute band that seeks to bring you organically produced, masterful songs exactly like how we all remember the Journey hits to be.

The band is composed of talented singers and musicians dedicated to bringing Journey back to life with a high-quality stage show.

Lead vocalist Frank House and keyboardist Kevin Jachetta are the band’s frontmen, copying the trademarks of Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie’s powerhouse combo to a “T” with their amazing vocals and harmony. Other members of the band include Val Popovic and Eric Barnett on guitar, Dave Sousa on bass, and David Hawkes on the drums.

If you want to see them live, get your tickets now, as their summer shows are always fast to sell out.

#9 – Departure

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 7
Departure live on stage at the Orlando House of Blues, 2020

Hailing from Buford, Georgia, Departure is one of the hardest-working Journey tribute bands there is, performing concerts all across the United States, with an emphasis on shows in on the southeastern U.S.

Another non-costumed tribute that dedicates itself to the music, the band features Doug Ballard on bass and vocals, Brian Williams on lead vocals, Jason Wilson on guitar, Joel Hayes on keyboards, and Chris Stone on drums.

Departure performs at larger venues, including performing arts centers and large theaters. The band is dedicated to bringing the Journey experience to the modern-day when Journey’s music ruled the radio and concert stadiums. Together, these five friends and bandmates take their passion for rock and Journey to the stage, bringing fans a concert experience that they will not soon forget.

Together, the five band members faithfully recreate the best of Journey’s music, giving their fans the ultimate concert experience just as it would have been back during the band’s highest points.

#10 – Infinite Journey

Top 10 Best Journey Tribute Bands 8
Infinite Journey at the Brick Tavern in Texas, 2016

A non-costumed tribute, Infinite Journey is a five piece band that delivers a musically immersive Journey experience, focusing on the legendary band’s sound, guitar solos, and naturally the soaring vocals that make Journey so iconic. These are experienced musicians determined to bring the voice of Journey back to the present day.

Donovan Duke has years of experience in stage performances from theater to rock bands, and brings to life Steve Perry’s memorable performances for the band. Mike Cooper, the band’s bass player and vocalist, has been passionate about music and rock n’ roll since he was a kid, honing his skills in an electric guitar since the age of 12. 

Other band members, such as Paul Bullock on lead guitar, John Arnett on the drums, and Steve Trevino on the keyboards, are equally experienced and talented. The band is so inherently talented, it uses no backing tracks or other live concert “helpers”.

Infinite Journey was even chosen out of thousands of Journey tribute acts across the country to perform on Season 7 of AXS TV’s “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”.

The Best Journey Tribute Bands

Journey has undoubtedly left its mark on the rock n’ roll scene, especially at its prime. To this day, there’s no doubt it will continue to do so in the future.

If you want to get a taste of what it was like during their heydays, getting the best Journey tribute band is what you need. Their acts are specifically designed to recreate the band back in the days, making rock history come to life before our very eyes.

With this wealth of information on the best tribute bands to Journey, you shouldn’t have a hard time picking the best one to get for your next event.

Are you interested in other tribute bands, maybe the best BOSTON tribute bands or Queen tribute bands? Be sure to check out our other articles for more information!

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