The Best Eagles Tribute Bands In The World

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The best Eagles tribute band is American Eagle USA

The Eagles was a defining moment in rock history; the band that made country rock become the defining taste of the Western world in the 1970s.

There were many other bands aside from the Eagles, of course, even many others of the same genre – but the Eagles’ style stood out from the rest because of its sincerity and performative drama.

Without a doubt, the band left its mark on Western culture and still gathers millions of fans every year, generation after generation, harboring a soft spot for their music to this day.

That said, the Eagles may have defined Western music taste, but they’re not yet done. If you’re one of those who hold the Eagles dear to your heart, you can still feel their presence live through various tribute bands that have dedicated their careers to carrying the spirit of this great band.

In no particular order, here’s a detailed list of the best Eagles tribute bands of all time that you should listen to today!

Best Eagles Tribute Bands of All Time

#1 – American Eagle USA – The Best Eagles Tribute Band

Our #1 ranked as the best EAGLES tribute band is none other than Las Vegas’ own American Eagle USA.

While the band performs all the greatest hits of the legendary country rockers with ease, they focus their primary attention on the band’s legendary “Their Greatest” album, performing classics like “Take it Easy,” “Desperado,” and “Lyin’ Eyes” with stunning authenticity. Their rendition of “Take It To the Limit” is truly sublime, with that seductive beat holding back just the right amount.

American Eagle USA features world-class musicians who have shared the stage with classic rock legends like Lou Gramm (Foreigner) and ASIA, as well as country superstars Marty Stuart and Connie Smith.

Based in Las Vegas and bringing their incredible tribute show across the United States and worldwide, we at believe that American Eagle USA is truly the ultimate celebration of the Eagles’ timeless music — that is, unless you can afford to book the legendary band themselves!

American Eagle USA - the best Eagles tribute band
American Eagle USA captures the distinction as the best Eagles tribute band

They don’t stop at the greatest hits – they’ll take you on a full Eagles journey with beloved later hits like “Hotel California” and “Life in the Fast Lane.” This show takes you back to the heart of the Eagles’ vibe and sound. Vocalists John Menniti and his entire cast deliver the iconic Eagles vocal blend with astonishing ease, especially when you consider it’s all done 100% live.

Maybe when hell freezes over.

Here’s to you, American Eagle USA, and congratulations on being our #1 ranked Eagles tribute band!

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#2 – TLR – Experience the Eagles

The second-ranked Eagles experience on this list, TLR Eagles, is a tribute show worthy of your attention.

This incredibly talented high-energy band is composed of six individuals.

Raised by a musical family in a creative environment, Gary Grantham’s calling was to play the guitar for the band, along with award-winning musician Chris Sobkowich and songwriter Larry Hampton.

With decades of drumming under his belt, none other is more fit to play the band’s set than Berto Z. Jim Wooten has music running in his blood and plays bass guitar, while charismatic and skilled James Brown mans the keys.

All band members contribute to the vocals, as is typical of the original Eagles team.

With their commitment to being faithful to the timeless sounds of the original band, TLR Eagles works hard to make every show feel like you’ve crossed through time and space to land in an actual Eagles concert.

#3 – The Eagles Experience

The Eagles Experience is renowned as one of Southern California’s most influential Eagles tribute bands. The original Eagles also performed extensively on SoCal, and while the Eagles Experience couldn’t fully step into their shoes, the tribute band gives a legendary performance to match.

The band is composed of four people. David Logeman, the band leader, is an experienced musician that’s rubbed shoulders with many notable names in the music industry. The core is composed of another founding member, Chris Farmer, and two other instrumentalists from other experienced bands.

Together, the band performs an extensive song list that includes well-loved classics and fan favorites like Hotel California, Love Will Keep us Alive, and more.

#4 – The Long Run

The long wait is over; The Long Run will bring you that feeling you’ve always wanted, unique to the sound of this band’s music.

Dubbed “America’s Favorite Tribute to the Eagles,” The Long Run doesn’t fail to channel the original band’s music and showmanship. This Eagles tribute band comprises five musicians: John Tillman, Del Mize, Kevin Kelly, Jonathan Washam, and Andrew Russell.

Together, these give belt-out energetic performances that are highly reminiscent of the old Eagles’ voice and musical style, letting you live the dream of a live concert and throwing you back to the good old days.

#5 – The Eagles Cover Band

The Eagles Cover Band is one of the most requested tribute bands in the US, with thousands of sets played on distinguished stages across the country.

This is because they can almost exactly replicate the group’s vocal harmonies and unique country rock style. They also have a killer stage presence, which means they don’t have a problem making the audience go wild as they sing the most well-loved songs of the band.

The Eagles Cover Band comprises experienced singers and instrumentalists, who have performed with famous such as Eddie Money, Beach Boys, Trace Adkins, and more.

#6 – Eaglez Tribute

The Eaglez Tribute is a Buffalo-based Eagles tribute band that takes pride in their passion and faithfulness to the original rendition. High musical ability and an unwavering love of the original material allow the members to replicate the rich vocals and harmony we’ve all come to love from the original band.

This Eagles tribute band is composed of seven members. Depending on the need, Randy bard functions as both their guitarist and keyboardist. Paul Banacore plays the keyboard as well, although he also handles the sax.

Other members include Dennis Makowski on the guitar, Bob Brummitt on the bass, John White on the rhythm,  and Mike Nierenberg on the percussion. All these members also have a role in the vocals. 

Together, these folks reproduce an extensive list of the most well-loved songs of the original band, such as Take It Easy, Smuggler’s Blues, You Belong to the City, and at least two dozen more songs to choose from.

#7 – EagleMania

An internationally-known tribute band, EagleMania is composed of talented musicians known worldwide.

Since their inception, the band has constantly delivered some of the best replication of the legendary Eagles. They’ve leveraged their professional experience and lifelong musical training to break down what makes the Eagles sound and faithfully adhere to it.

The band is composed of six members. There’s Disney and ABC Television musician Frankie Reno on the keyboards, professional recording engineer John Gachter, lifelong musician JD Kelly on the lead vocals, classically trained Ken Darcy on the guitar, well-known drummer John Weiswasser on the drums, and seasoned professional Dennis Espantman on the bass.

#8 – 7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience

7 Bridges is one of the most well-known Eagles tribute bands around. Their name is known all over the country, and this band is the go-to Eagles experience for many corporate, non-profit, fair, and private events.

The band is composed of six multi-talented and cross-functional musicians. Long-time musicians Bryan Graves, Richie School, and Brain Franklin are on the guitars and vocals. Keith Thoma on the percussion and vocals, Vernon Roop on the keyboards, percussion, and songs. Finally, there’s James Richardson on the bass guitar while also doing the songs.

With these talented musicians, the group is known not to use any backing tracks and harmonizers – an amazing Eagles tribute experience indeed.

#8 – Heartache Tonight

Another excellent tribute to the Eagles is Heartache Tonight, a tribute band with impressive musical talent and showmanship.

With decades of music on their belt, this band can perform, with exacting detail, many different songs from the various eras of the band, creating a truly memorable experience reminiscent of the powerhouse American rock band that shaped an entire decade.

The band is composed of keyboardist Chris Plasch, vocalist and bassist John Forrest, Tom O’Brien, Tom Carey, and Jim Altenbach, all on the guitar and vocals, and Chris Weng on the drums.

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#10 – On the Border

On The Border is a tribute band familiar with all kinds of stages, having performed across the country at various events and audiences. They have also been on TV shows, notably “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands,” a hit show from AXSTV.

The band has continually wowed the audience from the moment they stepped on big stages in 2010, and they still are available for booking and touring even today.

With great stage command and an even greater passion for the music, their talent takes you back to the times when the Eagles have blasted from every radio around. They have also paid excellent attention to the vocals and musical parts, with excellent adherence to the original sounds we all love.

#11 – Out of Eden

An Ohio-based tribute band, this six-man show has remained faithful to the music of the Eagles all these years, allowing fans to resonate with their sound and performances as they tour across the country.

Driven by a love for the music and ideals created by the Eagles, Out of Eden brings forth an undeniably excellent show.

They have an extensive song list, taking hits from various eras of the original Eagle’s performance and bringing them all to you in an explosively entertaining stage show. They also don’t use pre-recorded harmonies and backing on their show, preferring to emulate every Eagles song to the detail to provide not just a better sound, but also a better experience for fans.

#12 – The Fast Lane

The Fast Lane is an Eagles tribute band that has been praised for being an excellent copy of the original. They have an impeccable musical style that is one of the most accurate and a stage flair that stands out while remaining faithful to the stage presentation of the original.

This band’s stirring rendition of well-loved classics and fan favorites both have earned them a place in the tribute band industry as a trusted replica of the legendary Eagles.

#13 – Best of the Eagles

Just like their name suggests, the Best of the Eagles bring out the best songs and albums of the various periods of the Eagles and perform them all in one sitting.

They have excellent musical skill that allows them to follow the sound almost note for note, yet there’s still something fresh and lively about the band’s performances that make you want to see more.

Best of the Eagles is composed of Joe Vadala on the guitar, Marc Hoffman on the drums, Dan Miller on the bass, and Dave Biglin on the keyboards. All of these members also contribute to the vocals of the band.

There’s also John Bushnell, with a varied role on the rhythm, lead, and slide guitars. Lastly, Jerry Steele plays the guitar and pedal steel. They also add to the vocals.

#14 – Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane is a long-time, tried-and-tested Eagles tribute band that has been bringing back the sound of the Eagles since 1993. One of the longest-running tribute band shows in the country, Life in the Fast Lane’s about three decades of experience shows in the mastery of their shows and music list.

One of the most well-known around the country, this band has performed in many illustrious events in their career, such as Milwaukee’s Summerfest, Festa Del Sol in Mexico, Florida’s Mullet Festival, and more.

#15 – Another Tequila Sunrise

This band is a tribute to experience; Another Tequila Sunrise has been bringing back the sound of The Eagles for more than twenty years now and has always performed to sold-out crowds and venues all around the country.

This band is composed of seven members. Rick Steinu plays the bass; Steve Brodi plays the drums; Jeff Griffith, Jeremy Greek, and Denis Brunelle on the guitars. These members also blend their voices as they sing the vocals. Lastly, there’s Doug Vennard on the lead guitar and John Rubert Murphy on the lead vocals.

Another Tequila Sunrise offers a musical talent that is rarely matched by the offerings of other tribute bands. They can capture the soaring notes of ballads such as Desperado while also being able to thump the bass of songs such as Victims of Love and still deliver sweet harmonies that we love so much.

#16 – Hotel California

Hotel California is an Eagles tribute band that extensively tours the US and Canada. This band distinguishes itself from the others due to its uncanny vocal similarity to the original members and masterful rendition of well-loved pieces all around.

The band is composed of four people who have been playing with each other for over a decade.

Andy Lapointe plays the bass, Mike Dimoulas on the guitar and keyboards, Al Langlade plays the electric guitar, and lastly, there’s Kevin O’Donnel on the drums. Each group member contributes to the band’s vocal capacity in some way.

With their lively performances and good sound, Hotel California is a memorable tribute band experience that will bring you back to the glory days of the Eagles.

Hiring the Best Eagles Tributes Band Near You

The Eagles are one of the most influential rock bands of all time, and time has left a big void in the hearts of its fans.

Don’t worry; plenty of extraordinary tribute bands can fill that void, allowing fans of your event to temporarily relive and experience the unique songs and emotions the Eagles portray. We’ve given you the best ones on this list, so use them well!

You can also try out other bands such as Rockin America. Although they don’t exclusively play Eagles songs, they do have a couple in their lineup, along with hits from other classic bands like Journey, Bon Jovi, and KISS.

For more tribute bands, check out our other lists, like our Best Journey Tribute Bands, Best Queen Tribute Bands, Best Boston Tribute Bands, and more!

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