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A Tribute to the Great 1990s Band, "The Cranberries"

LINGER is an exceptional tribute band dedicated to capturing the essence and spirit of the 90s iconic Irish rock band, The Cranberries.

A LINGER show reveals a deep appreciation for the distinctive sound, heartfelt lyrics and voice of the late but unforgettable Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries. LINGER and its incredible vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mary Kate McNally and seriously rockin’ band pays homage to The Cranberries’ memorable hits and timeless classics.

Founded in 2022, LINGER is the only tribute to this multi-hit 90s band in all of the United States. Perfect for your 90s-themed event!

LINGER - The Cranberries tribute band


Fast Facts:

  • Home Base: Denver, CO
  • Year Founded: 2022
  • Gigs per year: 15
  • Band Members: 5

Book this gem of a 90’s tribute band today for your festival, corporate event, private event, casino or theater and let your audience experience a dominant classic rock milestone unlike any other.

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Incredible female vocalists
LINGER, an incredible Cranberries tribute band, a 90s tribute band
The definitive female-fronted 90s tribute act, LINGER

Bring Back the Playful & Soulful 90’s Sound with Linger!

LINGER’s most important hook as an authentic tribute to The Cranberries is the original voice of their lead vocalist Mary Kate McNally. And while no one will ever vocalize exactly like the dearly-departed original singer Dolores O’Riordan, Mary Kate  delivers a startlingly-accurate rendition, putting one immediately in mind of the beloved 90s band. LINGER’s frontwoman doesn’t try to imitate or exaggerate The Cranberries’ peculiar yodeling and voice, though her interpretation is eerily similar.

When The Cranberries leader Dolores O’Riordan suddenly passed away before the band was to start their 2018 tour in United States, it left a deep emptiness in all those fans. This tragedy was the inspiration to start LINGER. The band wanted to keep alive The Cranberries legacy.

The passion the band has for The Cranberries music along with their energy on stage, creates a wonderful connection with the audience, and songs like Zombie, Linger, Dreams, Salvation, Just my Imagination, Ode to my Family, When You’re Gone, Animal Instinct ring pure and sonically true. And these are just some of the hits that you will recognize immediately and take you back to high school or college times.

LINGER has received excellent feedback from audiences and venues across the country. Words from “real” Cranberries fans who saw the original band performing live are: “I never thought I would listen to their music live again, and you guys do such a great job!” Much of the time these words come with hugs and tears.

LINGER have performed shows in Arizona, Washington and as far east as Rhode Island. The band also performed in Seattle in one of the venues Nirvana performed in the 90s, the legendary El Corazon.

So don’t LINGER, book this incredible 90s tribute act today and get ready for a party like it’s…well, the 1990s!



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