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Led Zeppelin tribute band

Led Zeppelin was one of the most wildly successful rock bands of all time, with millions of fans giving them a whole lotta love. Their work consisted of record-breaking hits such as Stairway to Heaven, Immigrant Song, Kashmir, and more.

It’s difficult to encapsulate the entire band into a few words.

The emotions that their melodies stir are like no other. The unique riffs that helped shape modern rock are a different experience on their own. And while newer bands like the great Rival Sons (“Pressure & Time” is still the greatest not-Zep Zep song ever!) or Greta Van Fleet mine similar rock ‘n roll veins, the classics still reign supreme.

Top it all off with their trademark stage presence, laser show, and distinctive synth flavor, and you create a tour de force that will have you head-banging as it takes you to the highest places of music and rock history.

Obviously and unfortunately, the original band no longer performs, but you can come close to the next best thing by experiencing one of these 12 best Led Zeppelin tribute bands live today!

#1 – ZEP-LA

Our #1 best Led Zeppelin tribute band is ZEP-LA, and in spite of being relatively new, this band packs a pedigree of Led Zeppelin cover band fanatics, and is a band whose performances you definitely shouldn’t miss.

ZEP-LA is composed of five members. Vocalist Paulie Z replicates Robert Plant’s haunting, seductive vocals. Paul is an extremely versatile singer, and is actually the lead vocalist of another top tribute band, BOHEMIAN QUEEN. He is also a veteran of many rock bands, having founded and led his own rock band, ZO2, and has worked with rock ‘n roll stars such as Poison and KISS.

ZEP-LA’s guitarist is Steve Zukowsky, founder of another tribute band called Led Zepagain and a veteran in the tribute band game. He’s an experienced guitarist and influential musician in his own right.

Glenn Jost is the group’s drummer. Jost is a rocker to the core and has made a name in the rock tribute niche. Aaron Samson is the band’s bassist, and his long experience has seen him work with legendary musicians such as George Lynch, Steven Adler, and John 5.

Victor Bender mans the keyboards and 2nd guitar, and works with major studios like Netflix, Paramount, and Disney in his role as a producer.

These five members bring back the soul of rock ‘n roll through the medium of Led Zeppelin’s music. Their performances come from the heart, embodying a perfectly authentic representation of Led Zeppelin. It’s a reenactment of the glory that the original band brought to many rock stars’ hearts and minds, coming from a place of love and deep respect for rock music.

A ZEP-LA performance will be the Led Zeppelin live experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Led Zeppelin tribute band - Zep LA

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Led Zeppelin tribute band - Zep LA

#2 – Get The Led Out (GTLO)

Although this band’s composition doesn’t recreate the original setup or costuming of the beloved Led Zeppelin quartet, Get the Led Out is nevertheless a force on its own.

This band is composed of seven members, in contrast to the original four. Robert Plant soundalike Paul Sinclair tackles the very challenging vocals and also plays the harmonica. Paul Hammond and Tommy Zamp are both on electric and acoustic guitar, although Hammon is also in charge of the mandolin sound and Zamp another backing vocal. Phil D’Agostino is bassist as well as an additional vocalist.

The group’s answer to John Bonham is Adam Ferriaoli, while Eddie Kurek is in charge of the keyboards. Kurek is also a generalist who can act as another guitarist, vocalist, and percussionist.

With their abundance of talent, GTLO specializes in recreating the most accurate studio renditions of Zeppelin’s biggest hits. Their triple guitar ensemble mimics the layered guitar tracks in the band’s studio performances.

GTLO has performed Zeppelin hits at some of the most storied venues in the U.S., including Red Rocks in Colorado. Close your eyes and feel the energy of the crowd, and you can catch the vibe of a golden era when these rock ‘n roll legends dominated the world.

#3 – Led Zepplica

Led Zepplica prides itself on top-notch replication of the sounds that the audience is craving. It certainly deserves to be in the running as the best Led Zep tribute band, bringing the spirit of the original band to life through meticulous set preparation, embodied stage performance, and crackling musical chemistry.

Joe Retta is the lead vocalist. He’s played in multiple bands and musical performances throughout his illustrious musical career.

Next is Lenny Mann, the group’s lead guitarist and theremin player. This musician is also a veteran of many a band and has cultivated a playing style and stage presence that almost entirely replicates the great Jimmy Page.

Darryl Johnson is the band’s drummer. He can channel John Bonham through his self-taught, free-form style.

Lastly, Johnny Bruhns is a multi-instrumentalist that plays the band’s bass, keyboards, and mandolin. He’s performed in many prestigious brands, including Yes during their Los Angeles tour.

These four mix with an undeniable chemistry that mimics the seamless musical style of Led Zeppelin. Perhaps because of how well they work together, their music blends into each other and eliminates the disjointedness present in most aspiring tribute bands.

#4 – Zusa Rocks

Also called Zeppelin USA (Z USA), this band is an all-American recreation of the iconic 1970s rock ‘n roll giant. Zusa Rocks features music as close to the original as possible, although they rarely try to emulate the stage presence and appearance of the band itself. Zusa Rocks bring Led Zeppelin to the modern stage.

This band is composed of four musicians. Brody Dolyniuk serves as the band’s lead vocalist. He’s trained in the musical arts from childhood and learned by ear from industry legends such as Elvis Presley and Motown artists. He’s formed his bands, passed his fair share of auditions, and is now a shining star in the Zusa Rocks show.

John Wedemeyer is the group’s guitar and theremin player. He was inspired by the midnight screening of “The Song Remains The Same” at age 11.

Since then, he studied the strings till it earned him a spot among famous musicians such as The Righteous Brothers, Clint Holmes, and Debbie Gibson. Being part of the Zusa Rocks band bought him full circle to the roots of his musical inspiration, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jonathan Gilcrest plays bass, keyboards, and mandolin, and also performs vocals. A musical genius, he’s a master of seven instruments and has been a highly sought-after musician throughout his career.

Lastly, Pat Leon is the group’s drummer. He started learning the drums at five years old and fell in love with music. Leon has played in bands as early as ten years old. Since then, his musical career has just blossomed until he found his current home in the Zusa Rocks band.

Together, this quartet recreates Led Zeppelin’s classic appeal in an appealing modern stage setting.

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#5 – Kashmir – Led Zeppelin Cover Band

Kashmir is another widely acclaimed tribute band dedicated to the ultimate rock ‘n roll band of the 1970s. This band was created in the streets of New York and has now grown to prominence because of their loyalty to the original material, capturing the rawness and energy of Led Zeppelin’s concert.

This band is composed of Jean Violet as the founder and lead vocalist. He’s a performer by heart and has performed in the best clubs in his area, even in his youth.

Kevin Slover is the lead guitarist, and he has four decades-long experience of studying and impersonating the great Jimmy Page on stage.

Paul Cooper has been hitting the drums ever since he was nine years old and has followed a long musical path that saw him perform in Europe and worldwide.

Lastly, Felix Hanemann brings the well-loved bass sections of the Zep music to bear. He’s a born musician and has formed multiple bands throughout his life.

Together, these four band members recreate the musical prowess and unbridled emotion that launched Led Zeppelin to stardom in their time. Close your eyes and be transported to the heyday of this great band through Kashmir’s music.

#6 – Lez Zeppelin

If you’re looking for uniqueness in a tribute band, then there’s nothing more distinguishing than an all-girl quartet channeling the exuberance and freedom of Led Zeppelin songs.

Lez Zeppelin is the first all-female quartet, and they’re highly acclaimed across the board. They’ve performed locally to filled-to-the-brim venues and internationally to quickly sold-out seats. They’ve played in Times Square and flown to India for a benefit event, and their unique songs (outside of their Led Zeppelin covers) are sold in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Lez Zeppelin is composed of founder Steph Paynes on the guitar and Marlain Angelides on the vocals. Leesa Harrington Squyres in the drums, and Joan Chew for the bass and keyboards.

With its expert musicians, this band is definitely a unique incarnation of Led Zeppelin’s rock ‘n roll spirit.

Lez Zeppelin prides itself on its own take on the best band of the 1970s, and its musical talents are all up to par. They pride themselves on their musical prowess and unique musical interpretation.

Additionally, it doesn’t really see itself as a tribute band but more of a new incarnation of the massively successful rock band. They don’t try to pretend that they’re Led Zeppelin in their appearances — instead, they gratefully pay tribute to the band by performing their songs with their unique sound and fresh take.

This lets you appreciate their musical prowess while still experiencing the roaring spirit of rock ‘n roll that lived in the sounds of the original band.

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#7 – Zoso

Zoso is another one of the more well-known tribute bands for Led Zeppelin. They’re known for their nostalgic stage presence and extended jam sessions that prolong the euphoria of Zep’s atmosphere — something that not many tribute bands do.

Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience is composed of four members, like the original Zep.

Matt Jernigan replicates the alluring vocals and stage presence of Robert Plant. John McDaniel has the same flair with the strings as the original band’s lead guitarist, Jimmy Page.

Adam Sandling replicates John Paul Jones in his skill in the bass and keyboard. Lastly, Bevan Davies works the drums and the crowd in the style of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham.

Zoso is best known for its USA tours. While most tribute bands stay in their city or cycle the Tri-State Area, Zoso tours around the United States, bringing back rock ‘n roll glory wherever they go.

They’re also known to provide their interpretation of Zep’s tunes. Their extended jam sessions bring the joy and appreciation for the old band’s music to a prolonged climax, allowing the audience to truly bask in the Led Zeppelin Experience.

#8 – Led Blimpie

A skilled tribute to the legacy left behind by Led Zeppelin, the Blimp Zeppelin is a tribute band founded on love and respect. To this end, they don’t seek to replicate the exact Led Zeppelin experience but pay tribute through amazing, high-level musical performance and creative interpretation of the band,

This band is composed primarily of Thor Fields, a veteran fan that has studied Jimmy Page’s style for more than 20 years. He’s a musical genius and knows his material so well that he exactly replicates Page’s work — and makes it seem effortless.

Kathryn Francisco is the band’s overall entertainer. Frank Picarazzi gives voice to John Bonham on the drums, blazing with undeniable talent in his work. His music has brought him as far as Italy and allowed him to play in the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Lastly, there’s Nick West on bass, mandolin, and vocals. A true musician with over 13 years of experience, Nick West perfectly complements this band’s repertoire of lead musicians.

Aside from those, they have more than six other musicians in the bullpen whenever they’re needed.

From the musical credentials, you can see the absolute expertise that these people command over their craft. With this, you can rest assured that you’ll experience the love these rock stars have for Led Zeppelin as they add their unique sound to the international band’s well-loved hits.

#9 – The Led Zeppelin Experience

Perhaps one of the most notable Led Zeppelin Tribute bands around, The Led Zeppelin Experience is the creation of Jason Bonham, son of the founding member and drummer John Bonham.

The band started with Jason Bonham’s aspiration to recreate all the good stuff from the iconic rock band that shaped the ‘70s — and fate seemed to conspire to make it happen.

The original members included Jason Bonham on the drums, Alex Howland on the keyboards, and Dorian Heartson on the bass.

They later discovered James Dylan on YouTube, which became the group’s singer. Dylan is a long-time fan of the Zeppelin, posting cover songs of Zeppelin that sounded exactly like lead singer Robert Plant in his prime. They also discovered Jimmy Sakurai, who’s not only as skilled as the original guitarist Jimmy Page but also looked exactly like him.

This tribute band is the complete package. With vocals that rival the principal singer in his prime, a unique guitar that gives it personality, and even the energy and zest that the old Led Zeppelin brought to every classic rock show.

Together, these five are the closest you can get to the real thing.

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#10 – Led ZepAgain

Led ZepAgain is another accurate representation of the famous band’s legacy. Composed of four members, Led ZepAgain also mirrors the composition of the world-famous band.

Vocalist Swan Montgomery’s soaring vocals and on-point stage mannerisms are highly reminiscent of the dramatic Robert Plant. Their acoustic guitar is performed by Anthony David Thymiakos, channeling the bold flair and distinctive melody of Jimmy Page himself.

Jim Wooten is the group’s John Paul Jones, a talented multi-instrumentalist that steps into the massive shoes of the Zeppelin’s drummer and does so excellently.

Lastly, Derek Smith is the group’s drums and percussion expert, sporting the same aggressive yet highly masterful playstyle as Zeppelin’s beloved John Bonham.

Led ZepAgain is hailed as one of the most accurate replications of the Led Zeppelin stage performance.

They’ve adopted the same mannerisms and stage that carried the band throughout their world tours. Costumes, performance, and even light shows are on point and performed with the same joyous spirit and emotional vigor that made Led Zeppelin’s songs so appealing.

There’s a reason why they’ve been touring internationally for about 30 years — and it’s because they’ve left a mark on their audience the same way that Led Zeppelin left a mark on the world.

#11 – No Quarter

No Quarter is a unique offering, even among the other tribute bands that seek to leave their mark within the massive shadow of Led Zeppelin. No Quarter is a collaboration effort between original band members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, but it wasn’t a complete reunion.

For one, this collaboration didn’t play the classic Led Zeppelin bangers but instead opted for a reinterpretation of some of their old songs into something entirely new.

Page and Plant played in the spirit of the old Led Zeppelin but opted to explore new avenues of music that weren’t emphasized in their previous era. Nobody’s Fault but Mine takes the moodiness of the original and reworked it with new emotions. The new arrangement gave Four Sticks a livelier and more enthusiastic spirit.

Other Led Zeppelin classics were also reworked, such as The Battle of Evermore, Gallows Pole, That’s The Way, and more. However, new songs are added, such as Wah Wah, City Don’t Cry, and The Truth Explodes.

No Quarter might not be a true reliving of the Led Zeppelin era, but it’s as close as you can get to extended rejoicing of the same ideals that the previous band members carried with their sound.

#12 – Dread Zeppelin

Admittedly, people usually look for tribute bands to hear a replica of the band and times that they want to experience again — and for that, you’ve got plenty to choose from on this list.

But while Dread Zeppelin does pay heaps of tribute to one of the greatest rock ‘n roll icons, they do so with their own musical and production twists.

This band is composed of six members with amusing aliases: Tortelvis, Charlie Haj, Butt Boy, Carl Jah, Spice, and Ed Zeppelin.

Dread Zeppelin is a high-level comedy performance brought to life through music. They play Led Zeppelin songs with a distinctly Elvis Presley voice while ripping through reggae rhythms with dub accents. This might sound wacky, but their execution is remarkable and a mark of true creativity.

If you want an entertaining and creative twist on this band’s legacy, you can’t do any better than the expert performance of Dread Zeppelin.

Listen to the Best Led Zeppelin Cover Bands

Led Zeppelin is more than just a rock icon. For many people, it’s also the greatest rock band in the world — ever. So significant is their influence in music that the music remains iconic to this heavy genre even decades after their group disbanded.

It’s no wonder that you want to relive those moments in the prime of the band’s music career — and you can do so with a great Led Zeppelin coverband. This article introduced the 12 best Led Zeppelin tribute bands you can count on for a complete Zep experience.

Now all you have to do is choose!

If you want to see more tribute bands, you can check out our lists of the best Journey tribute bands, the best Beatles tribute bands, and the best BOSTON tribute bands!

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