Best ABBA Tribute Bands in the World

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The best ABBA tribute bands in the U.S.

If you’re looking for the best ABBA tribute bands in the world, look no further!

From corporate events to private parties, a great selection of danceable music will bring your event alive, and there are few sets more lively than ABBA’s. We’ve rounded up all the top ABBA tribute bands in the world and provided tips on choosing an act that is perfect for your needs.

Whether it’s music from one of history’s most iconic groups you are after or just want something different at your party, we’ve got everything you need to know about the world’s best ABBA tribute bands in the world.

The Best Abba Tribute Bands in the World

Now on to the countdown!

#1 – ARRIVAL from Sweden – Gothenburg, Sweden

Formed in 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden, ARRIVAL is one of the earliest show bands to be formed in the spirit of ABBA. It’s composed of 12 members that were originally part of the production of the original ABBA, so you can be assured that they know the sounds of this iconic band by heart.

Since the band’s inception, they’ve toured in more than 70 countries, including the United States.

The group has successfully sold out tickets in arenas that seated more than 50 thousand people and has also attended radio and TV shows that were witnessed by millions.

Their rendition of the classics “Dancing Queen,” “Money, Money, Money,” and “Honey Honey” are one of the most authentic in the trade, not just in sound and harmony but also in showmanship and stage presence.

If you want a true star to light up your event, make sure you consider ARRIVAL from Sweden.

#2 – BANDABBA – Las Vegas, NV

Get ready to “Mamma Mia” because BANDABBA isn’t your average ABBA tribute band. They’re an electrifying force of seasoned professionals, each having shared the stage with music legends like The Eagles, Barry Manilow, and even 80s supergroup Asia. This all-star ensemble brings stunning authenticity and showmanship to ABBA’s timeless pop anthems, leaving audiences mesmerized.

Spot-on renditions of classics like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” paired with full-scale multimedia theatrics, BANDABBA doesn’t just capture the music; they capture the essence of ABBA, transporting you to a night of nostalgic fun and unparalleled musical excellence.

Based in the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, NV, BANDABBA is available for bookings worldwide. So, whether you’re planning a private party, corporate event, or just a night to relive your ABBA fandom, BANDABBA is sure to bring the house down.

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AbbaFab, from Los Angeles, California, is one of the most popular ABBA tribute bands in the US.

Their performances feature classic hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Mamma Mia” as well as lesser-known songs like “Chiquitita” and “Fernando.”

They also specialize in creating custom setlists for special events such as weddings or corporate functions. They’ll ensure you a good time as you listen to ABBA songs that perfectly encapsulates the mood you’re going for with your event.

Not to mention, they show off an impressive musical talent that harkens back to the well-loved styles of the iconic Swedish band!

While their hometown was in Phoenix, Arizona, the band now tours all across the US to visit events of all kinds, both big and small. The band is composed of band members Nick Davies, Scotty Pearson, Terry Davies, Anne Davies, and Kayla Kenzior.


Abbacadabra from New York City has been performing since 1998, and they have become renowned for their spot-on renditions of ABBA classics like “Take A Chance On Me,” “The Winner Takes It All,” and more recent releases such as Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’s hit single “When I Kissed The Teacher.”

Since they’ve been around for so long, you can be sure that the performances they deliver have been tested by time.

The band is composed of an astounding sixteen members, ensuring that you will always have the essential characters for any tour at any time. The band includes Steve Sand, Kent Gouchnour, Susan Campbell, and 13 more expert performers.

Abbacadabra puts on an energetic show that will keep your guests dancing all night long!


Las Vegas’ very own AbbaMania is another top choice when it comes to booking an ABBA tribute band for your event.

This group performs all the greatest hits from both sides of the Atlantic, including timeless favorites such as “Waterloo” and “Money Money Money.” Their range is wide; not only have they performed in most of the US, but they’re also sought after all across the globe! They’ve performed in over 30 countries to 3 million people in over 3,000 separate performances.

Plus, they’re the only group to have performed in the actual set of Mama Mia – twice!

With vibrant costumes, choreography, audience participation segments, and plenty of singalongs – AbbaMania guarantees a world-class fun time for everyone involved.


Super Trouper out of Chicago rounds out our list with their stunningly accurate recreations of classic ABBA tunes like “SOS,” “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight),” plus fan favorites from later albums such as Voulez-Vous’s title track.

The band is composed of professional musicians with the energy, passion, and training to bring ABBA’s music back to life. With their musical talent and undeniable chemistry, they’ve presented in many different venues and events, such as theater shows, park concerts, private events, festivals, and more.

With their audience’s enjoyment forefront of their minds, the band offers high-quality musical arrangements that you can customize according to your needs.

Super Trouper also offers themed shows where they dress up according to specific eras or styles, which can add a unique touch to any event you may be planning!

#7 – Dancing Dream Tribute – New York City, NY

The Dancing Dream Tribute is a must-see for fans of the iconic ABBA. Every detail is spot-on; from costumes to choreography, chemistry, and even harmony, Dancing Dream Tribute brings the nostalgic disco-era energy that you’re craving.

This tribute band was first established in 2009. Since then, they’ve been showering us with their wonderful renditions of timeless ABBA classics such as “Mamma Mia.” “Dancing Queen,” “Fernando,” and more.

Because of their performance quality, they’ve gained numerous awards and accolades, been invited to over 300 performances across the US and Canada, and even featured in The Colbert Report last 2012.

The band can be available as a four or six-person performance, which lets them be more flexible in terms of pricing for either small or large events.

Notable performances include various high-profile events, such as the Make a Wish Foundation, International Bio Convention in Washington DC., and even the Scandinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks, CA.

#8  The FABBA Show  Los Angeles, CA

Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to this ABBA tribute band. As one of the most sensational ABBA tributes in the US, the FABBA Show will take you on a journey back in time to the exhilarating evenings of ABBA’s best performances. With their spectacular costumes, nationally-acclaimed band members, and genuine energy that they bring to their set, the FABBA Show keeps the spirit of ABBA alive just as you remembered it all those years ago!

It’s composed of a varied set of band members: Julianne Ruck, Marie-Claire Marshall, Lars Midthun, Andy Marshall, Gustavo Peraza, Levi Petree, Karie Seasock, and Micheal Zeta.

The FABBA Show is a fantastic tribute band that will have you singing and dancing all night long.

#9 ABBA Arrival – UK

This UK-based ABBA tribute band is one of the most who stay true to the original feel, even voted to be the “Most Authentic Abba Show” of 2021, according to their website.

They don’t just win awards in their hometown, their talent is also appreciated internationally. ABBA Arrival has toured around the world and has performed in sold-out venues in more than 31 countries since its inception in 1995.

The band is led by Benny Anderson, a veteran musician who has been playing the piano since he was seven years old. Their other members are Agnetha Faltskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, and Bjorn Ulvaeus fronting the main show, while Kev, Steve, and Jack act as supporting musicians.

Together, the crew can completely recreate the unique sound and atmosphere of ABBA in their performances across the globe.

#10 Platinum – The Live ABBA Tribute Show – UK

Platinum ABBA is a top-rated ABBA tribute band that has performed in many different shows across multiple countries.

Their distinguishing factor is that they perform all the parts live – they don’t use backing tracks, preferring to come up with the complete melody on the stage. In terms of authenticity and feel, that makes all the difference.

They also go on out on their stage presentations. Their various costume changes, showmanship, and charisma bring ABBA back to life.

Their fans recognize it too! Whether to stadiums packed with 30,000 people or to private and intimate gatherings, Platinum has received good reviews throughout.

#11 Super Trouper – Australia

Superband is an Australian tribute band that shows just how much ABBA is loved in the land down under. Presented by an Australian entertainment group called Superband, Super Trouper is their dedicated act for all ABBA fans in their performances.

With their polished and modernized style, Super Trouper brings the iconic 70s disco band into the 21st century.

They have an undeniable retro charm on stage, very reminiscent of the kind of energy ABBA exuded in their performances. As a result, fans from all over Australia have hired their performances for their corporate events, private shows, and more.

#12 Voyage – The ABBA Tribute – Scotland

“If it ain’t Scottish, it’s crap!”, once said a great man, and originally hailing from Scotland, Voyage is one of the rising stars among the new ABBA tribute bands.

Recreating the iconic 70’s disco band with their stunning talent and infectious zest, Voyage has been featured in BBC Scotland and has toured in places such as Russia, Israel, Europe, and Canada.

Voyage performs ABBA with energy and life, transporting you through a theatrical experience that only they can deliver.

#13 The Show – A Tribute to ABBA – Denmark

Since its inception in 2001, this Denmark-based tribute band has impressively performed over 700 concerts in more than 40 countries internationally.

The Show is not like any other tribute band.

It’s a massive, dedicated group, fronted by Sweden’s Waterloo and then supported by the London Symphonic Rock Orchestra. They even feature original ABBA musicians Ulf Andersson, Roger Palm, Janne Schaffer, and more, conducted by professional musician Matthew Freeman.

Reviews have even hailed them as better than ABBA, and indeed their track record seems to speak for them. They’ve performed more than 6 times more than the original band ever did, some for more than 70,000 people in one venue!

With the sheer scale and skill of their performances, The Show will let you experience ABBA as you’ve never heard them before.

ABBA Tribute Bands: Who They Are and What They Do

In case you’ve been living under a rock since 1970, ABBA tribute bands specialize in performing the songs of the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA.

The name ABBA comes from the name of the four members: Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Anni-Frid.

Like other popular tribute bands, ABBA tribute bands typically feature a lineup of four singers and musicians who recreate the sound and style of ABBA’s classic hits, such as “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Take a Chance on Me.”

As costuming was one of the most iconic facets of this band, ABBA tributes always dress up to look like their counterparts from the original band – for example, two female vocalists may wear matching outfits similar to those worn by Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad during their heyday.

In addition to singing lead vocals, generally speaking, each member will play one or more instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, keyboards/synthesizers, and drums.

When it comes to putting on a show with an ABBA tribute band, several things need to be taken into consideration before booking them for your event:

  • Budget – how much you’re willing to spend
  • Availability – are they available when you need them?
  • Location – where is it feasible for them to perform?
  • Audience size – will they fit in your venue?

For corporate events or private parties featuring an ABBA tribute band, there are additional considerations, such as the following:

  • Whether any special lighting effects should be used during performances
  • If audio equipment needs renting
  • If catering services should be provided
  • How long sets should last

From classic renditions of ABBA’s greatest hits to energetic live performances, ABBA tribute bands are sure to bring a fun and memorable experience to any event. Now let’s take a look at the world’s best ABBA tribute bands.

An ABBA Cover Band Is Right for Any Occasion

No matter what type of occasion you’re hosting, these twelve incredible groups will surely make your party unforgettable.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled way to honor one of Sweden’s most beloved musical acts and liven your event at the same time, look no further than these talented tributes. Book them today, so you don’t miss out!

For event planners, booking agents, and corporate events professionals looking to add a touch of ABBA’s legendary music to their next event, the best ABBA tribute bands in the world are sure to bring your party alive.

Next up, let’s take a look at some of the top international ABBA tribute bands.

How to Choose an ABBA Tribute Band for Your Event

When choosing an ABBA tribute band for your event, there are several factors to consider, such as the following.

  • Experience level is important; you want a band that has performed at many events and can provide quality entertainment.
  • Repertoire selection should also be taken into account; make sure the band can play all of your favorite ABBA songs.
  • Stage presence is another factor to consider; look for a group with energy and enthusiasm to keep guests engaged throughout the performance.
  • Professionalism is key when booking any type of entertainment, so it’s important to ensure that the band you choose arrives on time and is prepared for their set.
  • The right equipment is essential for a successful performance, so make sure the ABBA tribute band you book has all the necessary instruments and sound equipment available before they arrive at your event. Also, ask about special effects such as lighting or smoke machines you want these in your show?
  • Additional services such as costume changes or choreography may also be considered, especially if these would add value to your experience with an ABBA tribute act.

Lastly, check reviews from past clients who have booked this particular group before deciding which one to hire for your event.

Reviews will give insight into how professional they were during previous performances and what kind of feedback was received from attendees after the show ended; both are invaluable information when selecting an ABBA tribute act.

When choosing an ABBA tribute band for your event, it’s important to consider the sound and energy they bring to the stage. Next, let’s explore how to book one of these amazing bands.

Corporate Events & Private Parties With an ABBA Tribute Band

Interested in getting live entertainment for your corporate events and private parties? Here’s why you should consider hiring a tribute band!

Hiring an ABBA Tribute Band

When it comes to creating a memorable atmosphere at your corporate event or private party, hiring an experienced ABBA tribute band can be a perfect choice.

An ABBA tribute band will bring all the energy and excitement of one of the world’s most beloved bands to your event.

Whether you are looking for a fun way to entertain guests or create an unforgettable atmosphere, these bands are sure to please everyone in attendance.

Benefits of Hiring an ABBA Tribute Band

An experienced ABBA tribute band will provide more than just great music; they will also help set the tone for your entire event.

With their high-energy performances and classic hits from one of pop music’s most iconic groups, they can help make any occasion truly special. Plus, having a live performance by a professional group adds another layer of sophistication that simply cannot be replicated with pre-recorded music.

Choosing Your Tribute Band

When selecting your ABBA tribute band, there are several factors you should consider: experience level, song selection, professionalism, and stage presence.

It’s important to find a group with extensive experience performing and knowledge about the songs and styles associated with this legendary act. You should also look for musicians with strong stage presence and professionalism to effectively engage with audiences during their performances.

Finally, make sure that their song selection includes some of the greatest hits from this timeless artist, such as “Dancing Queen” or “Mamma Mia!”

The Perfect Finale

Having an experienced ABBA tribute band perform at your corporate event or private party is sure to leave lasting memories on all attendees long after it ends.

Their lively renditions of these classic songs are guaranteed to get people up on their feet and dancing along to the beat while providing them with entertainment unlike anything else out there today. So, if you’re looking for something unique and exciting for your next gathering, look no further than hiring an amazing Abba tribute band.

Booking an ABBA Tribute Band

Booking an ABBA tribute band is a great way to add fun and energy to any event or party. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or private celebration or just want to bring the music of ABBA back into your life, there are plenty of options available.

Step 1: Gather information

The first step in booking an ABBA tribute band is looking at the options you have at your disposal. Determine first their availability, location, and price. That way, you can see whether they fit your show or not.

Step 2: Research each band that you picked

Once you’ve found a few potential candidates for your event, it’s important to do some research before making a final decision.

Make sure to read reviews from past clients and check out videos of their performances if possible – this will give you an idea of what kind of show they put on and how professional they are when it comes time for them to perform at your event.

When contacting the bands directly, make sure you ask all relevant questions such as pricing information (including whether travel expenses need to be covered), availability dates/times, sound system requirements (if applicable), special requests (i.e., costume changes during the performance), and more.

It’s also helpful if you can provide details about the type of venue where the performance will take place so that they can better prepare accordingly – i.e., size/layout/acoustics.

In addition to asking questions related specifically to their performance, don’t forget other important aspects such as insurance coverage & licensing requirements – these should always be considered when hiring any live entertainment act!

Step 3: Pick the best band for you

Once you’ve determined the best choice for your budget, location, and other factors, you should now feel free to contact the bands and determine their availability for your request.

One important thing to note is that it’s always useful to have a backup on hand so that your event plans don’t suffer should your top pick not be available on the dates that you want. This will help you better be able to prepare for any eventualities.

Step 4: Sign the contract

Last but certainly not least – once everything has been agreed upon between both parties involved, make sure there’s a signed contract outlining all terms & conditions before any money exchanges hands!


By following these steps carefully and doing thorough research beforehand, selecting an appropriate ABBA tribute band for your next big occasion should be easy.

Make sure to ask all relevant questions such as pricing information (including whether travel expenses need to be covered), availability dates/times, sound system requirements (if applicable), special requests (i.e., costume changes during the performance), etc.

Booking an ABBA Tribute Band is a great way to bring the classic sound of ABBA to your event. Next, we’ll discuss how to choose the right band for your needs.

FAQs About the World’s Best Abba Tribute Bands

Is an ABBA Tribute a Good Band for an Event?

An ABBA Tribute is a great band for any event. ABBA’s greatest hits are renowned for their energy, enthusiasm, and accuracy in recreating the original sound of ABBA. Their attention to detail ensures that they always deliver an authentic experience to their audiences.

With a huge repertoire of songs from the classic ABBA catalog, they can provide music for all types of events, from corporate functions to private parties. Whether you’re looking for a lively show or just some background music, ABBA Tribute is sure to be an excellent choice.

Who Are ABBA Stars Tribute Band?

ABBA Stars tribute band is located in the UK and sadly doesn’t qualify as a US-based tribute. The members have years of experience performing together and individually, making them some of the best ABBA tribute performers around.

Their attention to detail ensures that their performances are as close to the original recordings as possible, giving audiences an authentic ABBA experience. They have performed at festivals, corporate events, weddings, and private parties across Europe and North America for over ten years.

How Many ABBA Cover Bands Are There?

There are currently over 100 ABBA tribute bands around the world. These bands range from small local acts to larger, more professional groups that tour internationally.

Each band offers a unique take on the classic Swedish pop group’s music, with some focusing on recreating their original sound and others adding their spin to it. No matter which one you choose, an ABBA cover band can provide a great show for any event or party!

Hiring the Top 6 Best ABBA Tribute Bands in the US

When it comes to booking an ABBA tribute band for your event, there is no shortage of options.

From the best ABBA tribute bands in the US to those that tour internationally, you will surely find a band that can provide an unforgettable experience.

By understanding who these bands are and what they do, as well as considering how to choose one for your event and taking into account corporate events and private parties when making your selection, you can be confident that you have chosen the world’s best ABBA tribute bands for your special occasion.

Like to book one of our incredible tribute bands? Contact PTB today to make your event unforgettable!

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How Much Do Tribute Bands Cost?

Considering hiring a tribute band for your next corporate event, private party or summer festival? Here’s a look at how much it costs to hire a great tribute band.

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