The Best Queen Tribute Bands in the World 2024

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Queen’s popularity continues to grow in 2024. Even if some just know one hit song, it’s undeniable that this significant rock band, as well as their lead singer and songwriter, touch thousands of people’s lives, even today, in one way or another. With each number #1 single release, the band’s legend grew.

Thankfully, there are hundreds (well, dozens) of Queen cover bands that seek to bring back and relive the Queen experience. While each Queen tribute act is a sound-alike, and most try to look-alike, some bands place more emphasis on the album sound; some focus on specific performances by the band, some the crowd participation sing-alongs, some the dress and make-up. We considered all these elements in our reviews.

Some of these acts are good; some are better. But which of these Queen tribute acts truly bring it, have the look and feature musicians, singers, and performers that can actually reproduce this band’s ambitious catalog (including the epic “Bohemian Rhapsody”) live? Which frontmen put you most in mind of the great Freddie Mercury?

Which deserve the title of the world’s greatest tribute act to this iconic band?

In this article, we’ve collected all of the best Queen bands you can watch today on YouTube and determine for yourself which tributes deserve their bookings. Don’t Stop Me Now, The Show Must Go On, so are the best tribute bands that carry on Queen’s legacy worldwide.

The World’s Best Queen Tribute Bands

#1 – Bohemian Queen

Our #1 Queen tribute band is the amazing Bohemian Queen, based in Los Angeles, California.

Bohemian Queen presents spine-tingling performances that immerse you in the spirit of the original band. The unique sounds, compelling harmonies, and entertaining stage mannerisms produce a killer Queen concert, and remind the audience of why Queen was loved so much by the whole world.

Our top-ranking Queen tribute band is composed of “Paulie Z” on lead vocals, performing as the legendary Freddie Mercury. Paulie brings to life the impressive, operatic vocals that sound like they came from the man himself.

But the show doesn’t stop there, as this lead singer delivers a commanding stage performance that is unquestionably a tribute to Freddie, yet packed with humor and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Paulie’s New Jersey accent (which he deploys selectively) adds an additional layer of charm. This unique combination invites the audience into the performance in a way unmatched by any other Queen tribute frontmen.

Our best Queen cover band, Bohemian Queen
It’s difficult to top a BOHEMIAN QUEEN performance and they are our “Best Queen Tribute Band”

The entire band is composed of high-caliber musical powerhouse band members.

Glenn Jost is the band’s drummer and masterful backing vocalist, multi-instrumentalist Victor Bender plays the layered and complex keyboard and guitar parts, Steve Zukowsky shreds on lead guitar, utilizing the perfect tones, and Aaron Samson (who has an impressive array of original band credits) performs the challenging bass lines of John Deacon.

The entire lineup consists of highly experienced vocalists who sing all the lyrics and harmonies in their extensive set list with precision (no backing tracks are used). The vocals shine on the greatest hits including “We Are The Champions”, “Somebody to Love” and “Radio Ga Ga”. And they do something you’ll never see another Queen tribute band do:

They sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” 100% LIVE.

These are long-time fans of Queen, tuned in precisely to the frequency of die-hard Queen fans.

If your event deserves the very best Queen cover band, you will have “Somebody to Love” and never go wrong with BOHEMIAN QUEEN.

Bohemian Queen tribute band - Tie Your Mother Down thumbnail

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#2 – Gary Mullen and the Works – One Night of Queen

For years before Bohemian Queen hit the scene, this band was the go-to Queen cover band, with shows all around the world. Lead vocalist and frontman Gary Mullen is the bridge between one generation to the next, stepping out into ITV’s “Stars in their Eyes” as Freddie Mercury and becoming the Grand Final Winner of the show.

Today, Gary tours the world as Gary Mullen and the Works, and he plays several hits and shows. However, Gary is most well-known for the One Night of Queen show, one of his most sold-out and in-demand shows. In these international shows, Gary showcases the work of Freddie Mercury. He sings hit songs with the sound and energy no less than the man himself, and his performances never disappoint.

Because he is a one-man show, Gary will never be able to bring the full might of the Queen band to bear. Nevertheless, his soulful portrayal of this colorful and illustrious character might be enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most exacting Queens fans around.

#3 – Queen Nation (USA)

This tribute band lives by the motto “go big or go home,” and they prove it confirmed in their performances. The Queen Nation is a long-running Queen tribute band formed in 2004 and is respected on the West Coast for its longevity and authenticity.

Queen Nation brings to life the power of Queen performances with booming music, explosive sets, and heavily charismatic performances featuring the best loved Queen songs from each of their record albums.

This Queen tribute act comprises four members: Mike McManus on the vocals, Greg Finsley on the vocals and piano, Peter Burke on the drums and vocals, and lastly, Parker Combs on the bass. As mentioned above, Finsley also does vocals for the bi-annual Queen for a Day event.

With the music and performance of Queen Nation, Queen’s musical spirit lives on for another generation.

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#4 – Majesty – a Tribute to Queen (UK)

One of the best Queen tribute shows around, Majesty is a UK-based tribute band widely-recognized as a rising star in the industry. They place second on the list because, even though the band is relatively new to the scene, the quality of their sound and stage production simply can’t be denied.

The voice of Freddie Mercury, Rob Lea, is spot-on, with a remarkable vocal similarity and impressively entertaining stage performance that makes you think you’re watching Queen perform live.

The rest of their members are equally talented. Playing as John Deacon and bassist of the group, Chris Holland is a talented instrumentalist that lived and breathed music from a young age. The group’s Brian May is Peter Southern. An accomplished guitarist, musician, and instructor. Lastly, James Campion is a successful businessman and excellent drummer, and the group’s own Roger Taylor. 

Majesty is indeed an accurate word to describe this tribute band. With the eagerness and fire with that, they play their repertoire of Queen songs; you can see how they channel the majesty of this internationally-acclaimed band to every note of their sound.

#5 – Marc Martel – Queen Extravaganza

Yes, that’s really Brian May up there! Marc Martel is a one-man show that brings (his) whole band with him to the stage. He is one of the best impersonators around; he’s one of the few who can make it seem as if Freddie’s performing on stage if you just close your eyes and listen.

He’s been a part of the Queen’s very own tribute show, and he still brings the tribute band with him sometimes. However, Marc Martel mostly tours the world alone, performing vocal impersonations of some of history’s most famous and iconic songs.

Although he can’t bring the full energy of a Queen concert to the stage, his shows are a must if you want to hear some of the closest-sounding vocals you will ever experience.

#6 – Dios Salve a la Reina – God Save The Queen (Argentina)

The cream of the crop is showing now that we’re down to our top five choices.

Dios Salve a la Reina is a complete experience. Hailing from Argentina, they have nevertheless managed to keep the love for this legendary band alive despite the language and cultural barrier.

More than that, they have genuine talent in both music and performing our beloved characters. As a result, they’ve performed on stages across the globe, in cities such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Barcelona, and many more.

Dios Salve a la Reina is pure talent and artistry, which doesn’t leave any room for doubt that they should be in the top 5.

#7 – Mercury

One of the most famous Queen tribute band shows of all time, Mercury – Queen Tribute Band has been gracing the world with their interpretation of the Queen music for over twenty years.

This just goes to show how in-demand their music is in the market. Mercury partially fills a gaping void that Queen left behind in the hearts of their fans, and they do so with flying colors.

Joseph Lee Jackson, a talented vocalist and a gifted performer, doesn’t just don Freddie Mercury’s yellow jacket — he wears the famous singer’s entire personality on stage.

Other members include Pat Coleman replicating the unique style of Roger Taylor, and Lee Harvey turning into Spike Edney onstage. We also have Glen Scrimshaw playing like the legendary Brian May as the lead guitarist.

#8 – Killer Queen Experience (Australia)

Another musical powerhouse of Queen cover bands comes from the other side of the world, the Australian continent. Killer Queen Experience is a tribute band that is 19 years old, formed last 2003. That alone should tell you a lot of information about the band: it’s incredibly long-lasting and still strong.

Because of their musical style and authenticity, Killer Queen Experience is one of the most sought-after acts in Australia today, especially among the Queens fanbase. The band is composed of five members.

Joe Blunt plays Freddie Mercury with his stunning vocals and enthusiasm on the stage. Kevin Shilling is an expert drummer who has been learning the drums since nine. Andrew Edwards plays the lead guitar and also backs vocals. He has decades of experience with his craft and has worked with some of the most famous bands on many live events. 

Wayne Evan mans the bass. As a child, he grew up in a musical family, shaping his skills from before he could walk. Lastly, we have Randal Terrens on the keyboard. He’s been performing with notable bands and artists since the 1970s and is now lending his prodigious talent and long experience to the Killer Queen Experience in Australia.

Their interpretation of the band’s music and energy gave them an unexpected but coveted spot to play the round in Freddie Mercury’s memorial. In fact, Freddie’s mother even praised it as the next best thing for her son’s band. Everyone in this band deserves your attention.

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#9 – Queen on Fire (Italy)

Another Italian version of this super successful band, Queen of Fire, is a masterpiece in terms of production. With an explosion of musical ability and stage presence, this Italian iteration of a worldwide icon does not disappoint.

This band is composed of Daniele Fasciani, who acts as Freddie Mercury on the vocals and the piano. Duccio Grizi plays the lead guitar, Francesco Caprara is on drums, and Marco G. Di Marco replicates the titillating guitar parts that Brian May used to play.

Unlike the previously featured tribute band, Queen of Fire is already quite established in Italy, and their music has also taken them worldwide.

#10 – Regina

With an Italian twist to Queen’s music, Regina is Italy’s premier Queen tribute band live show. Their resemblance to the original band in appearance and music has made them a successful entity in Italy and various parts of Europe.

One of the highlights of the show is the ability of their frontman, Diego Regina, to perfectly resemble his predecessors’ stage performances. From the sound to the gestures to his overall mannerisms, Regina quickly steps into the shoes left behind by a giant.

The other band members are just as talented and skilled, as evidenced by their growing popularity in their home country and abroad.

#11 – Bohemian Rhapsody (Australia)

The magic of Queen is truly well and alive in the land down under. Australia is not the first place you would think of when you hear of the band Queen, but the world did remember the first time Queen presented in Australia, which did not end well.

Today, the Bohemian Rhapsody tribute band is proof that the band’s message and music have prospered in that place just as much — and perhaps more — than any other place.

Bohemian Rhapsody is composed of five members. Their Freddie Mercury and lead vocals are played by Thomas Crane. He has an uncanny resemblance to the superstar and an impressively similar voice.

Robert Taylor is played by Chubby, John Deacon by Maz, and Spike Edney by Ben.

Bohemian Rhapsody gives off an undeniable charm that’s difficult to resist. The moment they take the stage, Queen comes alive in the crowd’s hearts, minds, and ears.

#12 – Queen Machine (Denmark)

The Queen Machine brings the Queen craze to Denmark. Proof that love of music truly knows no bounds nor borders, the Queen Machine delights their audience with their interpretation of this iconic band.

The band is composed of five members.

Their lead vocalist is Bjarke: a talented musician with the sound, passion, and charm of the Freddie Mercury that we all know and love. Peter is the lead guitarist, Paolo is the drummer, Jens is the bassist, while Henrik plays both the keyboard and the backup guitar.

Their talent and skill in recreating the best moments of the Queen’s golden era have earned them booked-out concerts in several local and international arenas.

Not only that, but they’ve also earned concerts with some of the most prestigious names in the music industry, such as opera singer Louise Fribo and even the National Symphony of Orchestra of London.

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#13 – Supreme Queen

Supreme Queen truly lives up to its name in terms of the overall quality of its work. A relatively new name in the scene, the Supreme Queen’s members have nevertheless been touring the UK for decades, all under different terms.

However, they found their calling in impersonating this legendary band last 2019, and their experience with various sounds helped skyrocket them to stardom.

The group is composed of Scott Maley, who excellently channels Freddie Mercury’s powerfully deep and gritty vocals on the stage, Luke Timmins as the lead guitarist, Ben Marshall on the keyboards, Alan Wallbanks on the bass, and Allan Brown on the drums.

The Supreme Queen pours their efforts into creating the ultimate Queen experience wherever they go in the UK, resulting in stunning stage setting and awe-inspiring production value in each of their shows.

#14 – Queen for a Day

You can truly experience the glory of Queen for a Day with this tribute band’s live stage performance.

Queen for a Day is a bi-annual live tribute performance based in Dallas and is an event filled with the spirit of appreciation and enjoyment of the band. They routinely fill their stage sets to overflowing due to their pitch-perfect sound, electrifying energy, and glowing charm on the stage.

This band is composed of four individuals.

Brian Harris is the founding guitarist, establishing the event with the other founder, Greg Finsley. Finsley is the band’s lead vocals and champion representing the iconic Freddie Mercury. He’s also a vocalist for another Queen tribute band, Queen Nation.

Alan Mouradian plays the drums, while Eric Delagarde, a Grammy-winning producer, is the band’s bassist.

Queen for a Day relives what it was like to experience one of the world’s greatest rock bands, if only for a short while.

#15 – Almost Queen

Another dead-ringer for the band that rocked the world, Almost Queen strives to perfect the showmanship and unique appearances that Queen brings to the world.

With band members consisting of people you’d mistake for the real things, Almost Queen lives true to its name.

Joseph Russo plays the lead vocals, a musician that captures the image of Freddie Mercury himself and the legendary singer’s mannerisms and character on stage. Steve Leonard is the lead guitarist and captures Brian May. John Cappadona becomes Roger Taylor on the drums. Lastly, Randy Gregg is the spitting image of John Deacon as a bass player.

Of course, the sound is also top-notch amongst all these Queen cover bands. They have the vocals, the quality of the four-part harmony, and the unity of the music they create is reminiscent of the band that we all know and love.

#16 – Bulsara and His Queenies

Bulsara and His Queenies is a tribute band focused solely on replicating the sound of Queen. While others pour their efforts into picking costumes and deciding on on-stage presentations, this tribute band focuses on the soul of the act — the sound.

They don’t try to replicate Queen in any other way except for their sound.

Unlike most of the bands on this list, they don’t wear costumes or try to copy their stage mannerisms. Instead, BAHQ replicates the soaring anthems, layered music, and the unique menacing rhythm that Queen portrays.

As a result, they’ve created their own identity centered around the sound of one of the best bands in the world. 

With the sensational vocals their lead vocalist, Gareth Taylor, puts to the table, the rest of the world-class musicians that compose this band stand out. Together, they pay homage to the spirit of the Queen music by replaying their sound with chilling accuracy and yet a refreshing new flavor.

#17 – Flash – a Tribute to Queen

Flashing into the 17th spot for the list is the Flash – A Tribute to Queen event. With a ton of time and energy poured into the stage production and feel, this Queen tribute rocked the same level of flair that Queen shows used to have.

Awesome lighting, accurate costumes, and fun presentations are all trademarks of this show. Their sounds are also reminiscent of the band’s presence on the stage, and their band members’ charismatic stage presentations, especially Freddie Mercury, add the distinctive shine that sets Queen apart from the other bands.

Authenticity is the name of the game when it comes to Flash, and they don’t disappoint.

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#18 – Pure Queen

Despite the band’s popularity, there aren’t many truly great Queen tribute bands around. After all, it’s challenging to step into the shoes of something so epic: there just aren’t many bands talented enough to capture the energy and feel of the Queen back in their glory days.

But the Pure Queen band does it with ease.

This five-person show has mastered a precise blend of showmanship and talent that Queen brought to the table and is now bringing this entertainment to various stages around the UK. Mark Sanders plays Freddie Mercury. He’s a talented singer who can capture Mercury’s command and charisma, and as a result, he has performed worldwide and even made a few TV appearances.

The other members are just as talented. Richard Ashford plays Brian May on the lead guitar. Jon Caulton mans the bass guitar, impersonating John Deacon. Tristan Snowden Pool recreates Roger Taylor on the drums. Ben Parkinson plays as Spike Edney on the keyboards.

The members of the Pure Queen band all have decades of experience playing on both local and international stages, and you would be remiss not to take advantage of their talents.

#19 – Celebrating Queen (USA)

Hailing from the USA, Celebrating Queen is an experienced tribute band performed across the United States and Europe. With their undeniable skill and expertise, this band continues to embody what Queen is all about.

Celebrating Queen is a tribute act composed of six members. JJ midnight is the lead singer, channeling the spirit of Freddie Mercury. Chris Gordon is the lead guitarist. Shane McDonald Mans the keys and is also the group’s musical director. Greg Benton is in charge of bass, Santiago Luna on the percussion, and CJ Midnight on the voice.

Majesty and awe is this band’s tagline, so book one of their shows to truly feel the spirit of Queen come back to life.

#20 – Forever Queen (UK)

Forever Queen has energized UK fans of this legendary band for over ten years.

For this tribute band, it’s all about crafting an experience that captures the little details of this beloved band: the costumes, stage mannerisms, and the particularities of the band’s music — the band aspires to recreate all of these and pour it all in every stage they stand on.

The core of Forever Queen is made up of three people.

Mark Mulholland imagines Roger Taylor. Mark is a skilled musician across multiple instruments but is focused on capturing Roger’s distinctive drumming style. For the bass, Mark Willmott impersonates John Deacon. Willmott has been playing bass since the 1980s and now lends his talent and experience to this UK tribute band.

Lastly, Howard Corbett is the band’s champion for Freddie Mercury. He is the lead vocals and recreates Mercury from the hair to the tips of his shoes. A classically trained singer, he has no trouble reaching the iconic heights that Freddie Mercury sometimes goes to in the band’s songs.

The Top 20 Best Queen Cover Bands of All Time

Queen is one of the most widely-loved stage rock and roll bands to this day, so it’s critical that you know which tribute bands to turn to in case you want to hire them for an event or simply enjoy the sound of years gone by.

For fans eager to experience the magic of Queen, our site is the perfect starting point. Each tribute band listed on our page not only captures the essence of Queen’s iconic singing but also brings their unique flair to every performance. Our carefully curated selection is where you’ll find detailed reviews and set lists that truly fit the role of a Queen tribute.

Many of the venues we featured offer a chance to witness these acts live yearly. And our top acts are certainly “Wembley Worthy”! Please visit our YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram link, and connect with us on social media. Everything someone needs to immerse themselves in the Queen experience is here!

And it’s not as if the career of Queen has died down. In 2022, the band performed for the (actual) Queen’s Silver Jubilee! It’s incredible to think about how this rock band is still popular, and links millions of people, decades after the first years they shone on stage, with their moving, emotional and impactful music. It’s no wonder that this huge-sounding band makes for one popular tribute!

If you’re one of the many fans of this great band (perhaps rock’s greatest band), you may be missing the spirit, energy, and distinctive flair that Queen, especially Freddie Mercury, brought to each performance. Every tribute act on this list are at once a Queen tribute as well as a Freddie Mercury tribute.

Which bands thrill audiences, sell tickets, pack festivals, create great live videos, perform the ultimate medley, respect Queen’s legacy and create the best over-the-top, large-scale concert experience? Now you know the 20 best Queen tribute bands of all time. If you’d like to book our #1 ranked tribute band, feel free to reach out and request them today.

Please support the Mercury Phoenix Trust, a wonderful charity founded by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

If you’d like to know the best Journey tribute bands, the best Beatles tribute bands, and the best Led Zeppelin tribute bands, read our blog!

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