13 Best AC/DC Tribute Bands Of All Time

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The Top 13 Best AC/DC Tribute Bands in the World!

Arguably one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all-time, AC/DC has definitely left its mark on the world with its decades-long string of sold-out concerts.

Defined by its impressive use of basic sounds to craft great masterpieces that are still adored by millions even 40 years later, AC/DC is indeed one of the most influential rock acts of the ’70s. Though the world has seen its members change many times and the band itself swing through highs and lows, AC/DC remains an iconic rock n’ roll band.

This band is still impressively standing and churning out bangers to this day, but not everyone has the luxury to host the modern iteration of AC/DC for their events.

Don’t worry: AC/DC has garnered millions of fans in the music world and a host of AC/DC tribute bands dedicated to emulating their style and appearance can fill the void at any private event or festival.

Experience a piece of this rock n’ roll glory in your events with the best AC/DC tribute bands of all time!

Best AC/DC Tribute Bands of All Time

#1 – Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is PTB’s choice for best AC/DC tribute band in 2022

Our top choice for the best AC/DC tribute band goes to the mighty Thunderstuck.

Thunderstruck gives the audience an AC/DC performance almost true to life. Like many of our survey’s entrants, these gents are dedicated to replicating the band’s magic. The members of Thunderstruck continually hone their music and presence to have the same euphoric energy as the original.

This band is composed of stellar members overflowing with musical talent. First is Bobby Lee Stamper, the lead vocalist. Bobby’s voice is the kind that all tribute acts would kill for: an ultimate range command that can replicate either Brian or Bon.

Kyle LaPato serves as the band’s lead guitarist. Known as Angus to the team, Kyle brings an exhilaratingly raw energy to the bar. His guitar histrionics and polished-yet-raw ability allowed him to “share the stage” (as we say in the biz!) beside AC/DC alumni Dave Evans and Chris Slade in other bands.

Kevin Feller commands the band’s rhythm guitar. Kevin is the rock of the band, not just because of his well-decorated time in the music industry but also as a founding member of the Thunderstruck act.

Corey Baetz is the band’s drummer, a highly talented musical genius playing AC/DC songs since he was 15 years old. Chris Jones is the band’s bassist and the other founding member of Thunderstruck. Chris has 13 years of bass experience under his belt, which technically is 12 years more than he needs to pound out this great, straightforward rock ‘n roll.

Together, Thunderstruck leverages its awe-inspiring musical ability to bring fans closer to its beloved rock band.

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#2 – Angus Khan

Angus Khan, as you can probably infer by the name, combines a bit of good fun with their hard rock. Could they be the Steel Panther of AC/DC tributes? Perhaps.

Performed by hard-boiled biker personalities, Angus Khan doesn’t just live the AC/DC persona – they’re pretty much the next best thing to the actual band. Perhaps it’s no surprise that they’ve quickly amassed a large following just a few years after they formed Angus Khan as a tribute band to the great AC/DC.

Angus Khan is composed of five hard-rockin’ band members. These guys are the real deal, and you only need to witness one of their performances to feel the raw power and powerful rhythms.

Angus Khan is the band’s eponymous lead guitarist. He’s well-respected for his skill and showmanship on the stage. Malcolm Khan is a rhythm guitarist, a man with a colorful personality and vivid playing style.

Brian Scott fills the role of Brian Johnson as the lead singer and is also the band’s Road Manager and general coordinator. Clef Taurus plays the band’s bass, and Pheelup Rodd is a fantastic drummer to listen to. They also have Frank Forskein, who handles security and crowd control.

Together, the band has played in some genuinely great arenas and continues to wow the audience with their superb performances.

#3 – Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds is pretty big, even among other AC/D tribute bands in the US. An all-star cast made up of other long-time AC/DC tribute bands, Dirty Deeds are known for their over-the-top performances; they go all out in terms of props, lighting, and musical ability.

The band is composed of Freddy DeMarco as the lead guitarist, John Welch as the lead vocal, Greg Wagner on the rhythm guitar, cliff Williams on the bass, and Bobby Stocker on the drums.

All of the band members of Dirty Deeds are accomplished musicians in their own right, with multiple accolades between them and dozens of years in the music industry.

The most notable thing about Dirty Deeds is their commitment to the stage representation of the AC/DC band. They give their all on the props, commissioning Hells Bells, canons, bagpipes, and other accouterments that define AC/DC.

They’re also well-known for splitting their act, each for the Bon Scott and Biran Johnson eras.


Perhaps the most popular AC/DC tribute band on the list, LIVE WIRE is the ultimate AC/DC concert experience.

With the musical prowess of its members, the quality of their set production, and the passion they bring to every performance, you will be left with a buzzing in your ears in the tune of AC/DC days after one of their performances.

LIVE/WIRE comprises a cadre of well-respected musicians and magicians on the stage.

Podge Blacksmith is the spitting image of Brian Johnson and sounds just as great. Dan is the rhythm guitar player, tying all of the other performances together.

Ed plays the bass guitar, and Paul embodies Phil Rubb and Chris Slade as he sits behind the drums. Lastly, Simon plays the role of Angus Young and has honed his craft as the band’s guitar lead over the years.

LIVE/WIRE is an excellent choice in all AC/DC classics. Perhaps the nearest to the original band in terms of sound, production, and presence, LIVE/WIRE is genuinely a rock n’ roll treat to enjoy.

#5 – Hell’s Belles

An internationally-acclaimed all-female band, Hell’s Belles, was formed in 2000 and is now enjoying more than 20 years of success. Although not the only all-female tribute band for AC/DC, they are definitely among the most well-known, with their electrifying stage presence and awe-inspiring musical ability.

Simona Bressi plays the drums. Born in Milan, she moved to LA as she attended Musicians Institute, where she found great success. She played in multiple tribute bands and has incredible attention to detail.

Adrian Conner plays the lead guitar, with over two decades of experience playing in bands and more years of playing solo under her belt. She has plenty of real-world experience that cultivates an attention-grabbing performance on the stage.

Jess Coram is the band’s rhythm guitarist. Born in Australia, the heartland of AC/DC itself, Jess has toured the world as an accomplished musician.

Lastly, Nicole Ridge is the band’s bass guitarist. With a musical background that stretched from when she was 13, she’s had decades of playing and touring experience with bands in the same genre as AC/DC. 

Hell’s Belles play for rock n’ roll inclusivity; and not just through token messages at the end of each performance. They bring their extraordinary talent to bear and demand to be heard by the world through their spine-tingling AC/DC performances, and they’re succeeding.

#6 – Highway to Hell

This AC/DC tribute project is based in Milan and has thrived throughout the years as the band’s passion for AC/DC’s overwhelming live concerts grew.

The band is composed of Jacopo Ferrari, the lead guitarist, Sammy on the drums, Eros as the lead singer and frontman, Dave on the bass, and Adrian on the rhythm guitar. Sourced from multiple bands throughout Milan, all band members have a rock background and extensive musical experience.

Together, the members of Highway to Hell aspire to create the same energy that AC/DC draws from its crowd in their prime when millions of people rocked to their music as one.

#7 – Shoot to Thrill

Shoot to Thrill brings a unique representation of a timeless idea: rock n’ roll transcends all boundaries. This all-girl tribute band gives you the ultimate AC/DC rock experience, lighting their flame beneath the considerable shadow of this internationally-acclaimed group.

Shoot to Thrill is a compelling take on the band’s formative rock n’ roll tune. 

Lead vocalist Kara brings a musical ability that can nail all kinds of genres and attract different types of audiences. Susan is the lead guitarist, a veteran soloist that decided to take on the challenge of replicating AC/DC’s complex sounds – and is winning. Jai plays the bass and is also a long-time punk bassist from the band Voodoo Dollies, which has left its mark from Canada to the US.

Wendy plays the rhythm guitar. She’s an accomplished singer and songwriter in her own right and has made music for television sets that have even landed her on The Tonight Show. Meanwhile, the drums are commandeered by Kate, an accomplished player that was a finalist in Beyonce’s drummer hunt. She brings an irresistible tune to the mix and is the perfect element for the recreation of AC/DC.

Shoot to Thrill has toured through the East Coast-based in Raleigh, NC. So, if you want an electrifying performance from a unique band that successfully channels everything that makes AC/DC great, try out Shoot to Thrill.

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#8 – The AC/DC Experience

The AC/DC Experience is a UK-based (Lancashire) AC/DC tribute act, well-known for its ability to perform classics to a tee. Combining a bit of spectacle, showmanship, raw rock ‘n roll music, and the energy that they bring to the crowds where they perform, this band won’t disappoint even the most died-in-the-wool (whatever that means!) AC/DC fans.

From Highway to Hell to For Those About to Rock, The AC/DC Experience completely captures what it means to be in an AC/DC concert during its golden years.

If you’re ever fortunate enough to visit Jolly Olde England, be sure to catch The AC/DC Experience and revisit the glory days of simple, satisfying rock ‘n roll music.

#9 – AC/DX

AC/DC has sold millions of copies worldwide, and several of its albums, such as For Those About to Rock and Back in Black, continue to be some of the most famous rock n’ roll albums of all time.

It’s no surprise that it spawned adoring tribute bands worldwide, one of which is AC/DX. Unfortunately, we can’t read German, so we were unable to figure out the story on the “X”. No matter, as they gents are the real deal, as most German rockers are.

AC/DX hails from Germany and is now at home performing across Europe. The band is composed of Massimo BonJohnson as their lead singer and frontman, Volki McAngus as lead guitarist, Thorsten McMalcolm as the rhythm guitarist, Dieter LaPhil Zu on stage drums, and Tom Williams as the bassist.

AC/DX has been in existence for more than ten years now, and they continue to refine their take on the legendary AC/DC sounds. The band’s musical genius brings their talent to the show; they give their refreshing take on what it means to be an AC/DC fan without taking away from the spirit of the real thing.

#10 – Back In Black

Back in Black is a tribute band known worldwide for their impressive impressions of AC/DC’s vocals. Their singer and co-founder, Darren Caperna, does almost a pitch-perfect impersonation of the band’s legendary Brian Johnson.

It’s a well-known fact that AC/DC hides the complexity of their performance in a veil of simplicity. The sounds that reach your ears might sound simple, well-defined and danceable, but the talent and ability that goes into layering those rhythms and melodies is immense.

Yet, Back in Black makes the effort seem effortless. And it’s not just the incredible talent of their lead vocals that make it work. Founder Mike Mroz perfectly emulates Angus on the lead guitar, Ken Schiumo on the drums, Ramiro Noriega on the guitar, and Sheldon Conrad on the bass also bring their talents to bear in recreating this internationally-popular rock industry giant.

When you hear Back in Black play, you will want to close your eyes among the moshing crowds and imagine yourself at one of AC/DC’s high-voltage performances. This band may be the closest thing to the real thing that you’ll ever witness!

#11 – Dirty DC

Dirty DC is a British and European tribute band that pays homage to AC/DC’s greatest hits through their music. Dirty DC has been performing in various parts of “the continent” since 1998, and it’s safe to say that they know their music quite well. They’ve even got accolades from Chris Slade, the legendary AC/DC drummer from 1989 to 1994.

Dirty DC’s serious commitment to emulating the sound, appearance, and stage presence of this great rock n’ roll band is noted worldwide. They’ve had decades to perfect their Bon and Brian-era acts, refining the nuances of their music and recreating the finest details of their stage presence.

If you’re looking for a passionate group of rockers in the UK that will have your ears ringing for days with their renditions of AC/DC hits, be sure to check out Dirty DC.

#12 – Axl/DC

Celebrating two giants in the rock n’ roll band, the Axl/DC tribute band is a fusion of Axl Rose and AC/DC. As many fans of the legendary band know, Axl Rose handled lead vocals on a recent AC/DC tour when lead vocalist Brian Johnson had to bow out due to tinnitus.

The first-ever to try out this pairing, this tribute band recreates the hammering energy of the two bars. True to its name, Axl/DC aims to emulate Axl Rose, frontman of heavy metal band Guns n’ Roses, bringing a unique take on the legendary material and a fresh AC/DC experience.

If you’re a fan of either two, this lesser-known tribute band might just be what can scratch that rock n’ roll itch for you.

#13 – Easy Dizzy

The love for incredible sounds transcends boundaries. For all the AC/DC fans in Russia, the “Easy Dizzy” (say it out loud and you’ll “get it”) tribute band is the best band to suit your exquisite taste. This AC/DC tribute band is obsessed with perfecting the sounds of the original band and aims to recreate their masterpieces.

Easy Dizzy is absolutely well-loved by its target audience. Living under Soviet Russia, band founder Andrey Sokolov once heard the real AC/DC play as the leading band in a rare concert – and the euphoria of the band’s sounds, the drive of the musicians, and the wildness of the crowd stuck with him for decades.

The band is composed of founder and lead vocalist Andrey Sokolov, Chumakov Alexander as the lead guitarist, Golitsyn Igor on the bass guitar, Baidin Nikolay as the rhythm guitar, and Maxim Shirshakov on the drums.

The year 2022 marks the 15th year of the band bringing the AC/DC spirit to Russia. It wasn’t easy getting there; the band went through multiple ups and downs, just like the real AC/DC band.

Nevertheless, this band’s love for the sound has allowed them to approach the mirror of this legendary rock n’ roll band.

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