David Victor formerly of BOSTON

(formerly "BOSTYX")

THE BOSTON tribute band and more!

David Victor and his bandmates perform the hit “Peace of Mind” live on AXS-TV from the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. This video has racked up nearly a quarter million views on YouTube since it was posted. Clearly, this is the ultimate BOSTON tribute band!

David Victor formerly of Boston features the greatest hits of BOSTON and originals in a blazing BOSTON tribute band unlike any other show! Since 2011, audiences across the United States have been enjoying this band, which is arguably the most authentic tribute to the legendary music.

This act features lead vocalist David Victor, featured as guitarist and co-lead vocalist on BOSTON’s summer 2012 and 2014 tours of North America and in 2013 at the sold-out Boston Strong Benefit with Aerosmith. 

David also sang on BOSTON’s 2014 #1 hit classic rock song, “Heaven On Earth”, the single that was released to promote the 2014 North American tour from the album “Life, Love & Hope”. 

“The Hits of Boston & More” features all live vocals. Together the band members create four part harmonies live which must be heard to be believed. David Victor: The Hits of Boston & More is classic American rock ‘n roll delivered with polish and showmanship second to none.

David Victor’s show began life as “Bostyx”, soon after David joined the legendary multi-platinum band BOSTON. David wanted to form a band to get into proper vocal shape for the upcoming BOSTON tour. 

Originally combining the extensive catalog of BOSTON with the hits of Styx made the band an act with wall-to-wall hits. After the departure of original drummer/vocalist Glenn Jost, the band solidified their focus as an all-BOSTON tribute show, combined with 1-2 of David’s originals to round out the set. The show includes instantly recognizable hits like “More Than A Feeling”, “Peace of Mind”, “Don’t Look Back“, and their mammoth #1 smash hit from 1986, “Amanda”.

David Victor: The Music of Boston is feel-good rock ‘n roll hits, original music, killer vocals, a compelling stage performance, and more.

The Classic Rock Sound of the 70s and 80s

Throughout the United States and the world, rock lovers and musicians alike know the power of the BOSTON catalog of hits. Combining the 1970s “wall-of-guitars” production that BOSTON pioneered, soaring vocals, harmony guitars and occasionally dueling guitars, the unmistakable sound of their top-selling albums was etched into the mind of every rock music lover who came of age in the mid 70s and 1980s. And though many acts strived to recreate the original sound of this rock band, well…there was only one Rod Stewart and one Rolling Stones too.  

The most common reaction upon actually learning the BOSTON recordings note-for-note by guitarists, bass players, and especially, vocalists is nearly always: “Wow, that’s a lot harder than it sounds!” The best players and performers are often times surprised at the density of the musical arrangements. Even the drums have their own unique signature sound and patterns that some drummers find challenging. The best tribute bands work hard to bring these albums to life for the fans who remember the glory days of classic rock and the best times of their lives.

The BOSTON music, singles and album cuts alike, is tailor-made for all venues: that indoor theater, outdoor festival or “arena rock” experience. Tickets for their live shows were snapped up in an instant and the crowd always went wild. Everyone expected to have a good time, they always did, and they still do today.

If DAVID VICTOR & THE HITS OF BOSTON is performing in or near your town, you owe it to yourself to experience a live concert featuring of the pinnacle of classic rock music.

We’ll see you at the show!


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