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Incredible "Steve Perry" Featuring All the Greatest Hits as well as Fan Favorite Album Cuts

Using the original spelling from the legendary album that included the biggest JOURNEY hits of all-time, E5C4P3 (“Escape”) is perhaps one of the earliest tribute bands of all-time. 

With a “Steve Perry”-style vocalist that is second to none in his pure vocal tone and delivery, the band faithfully performs all the greatest hits of this platinum band with polish and passion, including the signature “wall of vocals” sound. 

E5C4P3 has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans and is known as the first and best Journey tribute band to ever exist. E5C4P3 recreates the magic of a Journey concert like no one else can.

The band covers the music with a note-for-note accuracy and performs each show with the high-energy excitement of a real Journey concert as well as visually recreating the essence of early 80’s Journey! 

Escape - Journey Tribute Band


Home Base: Cleveland, OH
Year Founded: 1993
Shows in 2022: 47
Shows in 2023: 76

Book this Journey tribute act today for your festival, corporate event, private event, casino or theater and let your audience experience the magic of the music of the mighty JOURNEY like never before!

Book This Journey Tribute Band: E5C4P3

The best JOURNEY cover band on the planet is "Escape"

If you’re looking to book a classic rock music show with the legendary American arena rock sound of JOURNEY, your search is over!

ProTributeBands is proud to feature E5C4P3 (pronounced, “ESCAPE”) as our premiere Journey tribute band.

Band founder Jason Kelty, a Steve Perry impersonator extraordinaire, provides the spot-on, letter-perfect lead vocals. Jason has the classic Perry tone down to a “T”. His amazing singing voice contributes to a nostalgic concert experience for Journey fans from start to finish.

Whether you’re looking to book festival or corporate entertainment, a professional concert featuring the music of JOURNEY will leave your audience wanting more. 

Take your audience on a “journey” back in time:
book this amazing JOURNEY tribute band today!

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Best Journey Tribute Band: E5C4P3 ("Escape") 2



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Voyage features incredible Steve Perry impersonator, Hugo Valenti, a soundalike extraordinaire!

VOYAGE is a respected Journey tribute band filled with veteran musicians.

The lead vocalist, Hugo Valenti, is best known for his uncanny resemblance to Steve Perry, both visually and of course in voice. It’s the next best thing to the signature sound of renowned vocalist Steve Perry. Seeing this act onstage feels like being transported back to the 80s and watching the original lineup perform — a true concert experience for anyone who loves Journey.

Before doing lead vocals for VOYAGE, Hugo was the frontman for the band Valentine, which debuted in 1990 on Warner Bros.

Other members of the band include Robby Hoffman, Lance Millard, Greg Smith, and Dana Spellman. Greg Smith currently provides vocals and plays bass for Ted Nugent. He also has experience doing backup vocals for award-winning artists like Billy Joel and Alice Cooper. Spellman taught at Berklee College of Music and has greatly helped VOYAGE perform hundreds of shows across the US. Clearly this is a band with high musical performance pedigree.

Together, these world-class New York musicians regularly sell out concerts, move thousands of tickets and jam-pack arenas, fairs, and other public venues.

Some of their recent shows include Montclair and Huntington in New Jersey, as well as Bethlehem, PA, Atlantic City, Reading, and New York City. 



VOYAGE is the world’s biggest and most astonishing Journey Tribute Band. Witness Hugo’s stunning voice and miraculous resemblance to Steve Perry.

Home Base: New Jersey
Year Founded: 1993

The experience of seeing JOURNEY live leaves fans singing along to every song that made this platinum rock act one of the chart-toppers and sales leaders in the United States for decades. From New York, NY to Los Angeles, California, JOURNEY music has universal appeal. The albums and singles feature memorable melodies, incendiary solos, five-part harmonies, and the incredible dynamic range of its legendary vocalist, Steve Perry.

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