Show Lead Generation Service

Get more show leads & book more gigs. Tailored for Tribute Bands.

Are you in a tribute band that needs to book more quality gigs?

Do you need more quality gig leads for your band? 

Are you working with an agency, but your band still needs to play more shows?

David Victor on stage with BOSTON in 2014
Bohemian Queen cover band
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PTB’s Premier Show Lead Generation Service is here to help. PTB gives your tribute band unlimited visibility on the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo when buyers search for the kind of show that you offer. 

Historically PTB internet inquiries have been our client band’s best-paid shows.  

The web is where buyers go to search when they don’t have a particular type of show. But getting visibility on Google and Bing is very difficult.

That’s where PTB comes in. Our Show Lead Generation Service like hiring a professional digital marketing service to work on promoting your tribute band, but on a per-performance basis and at significantly lower costs. 

How It Works.

  • Submit your show’s information on our signup form below.
  • If we think your band is a good fit, we will send you the PTB Show Leads agreement.
  • You sign the PTB Show Leads agreement, submit your promo materials, and pay the setup fee. 
  • PTB develops a detailed listing on the our website for your band or show. 
  • When leads come in, PTB forwards the lead to your designated contact person. 
  • Schedule the date, close your deal, and set your own rate. (NOTE: PTB can even provide rate guidance which often covers the entire commission!)
  • When you execute a contract and receive the Deposit, PTB is paid the commission. 
  • As you book additional shows with a PTB Submitted Account, PTB receives a decreasing commission at the time of the deposit payment for the new shows. 
  • Commissions for PTB Submitted Account shows sunset over a three-year period.


  • Pay the full commission when you receive deposits for your booked shows.
  • 10% for new bookings, 7.5% for a follow-up booking, and 5% for the third booking.  
  • The total commission is due upon receipt of the deposit for your show.
  • Any bookings subsequent to the first three shows are no-cost to you

Apply Today.

If you are a tribute band and you’re looking for more shows, apply today with all your band information. We’ll evaluate your promo package to see if we’re a fit for each other. If your show is approved, we will send you an agreement and sign you up. The buyers are out there!

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