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A nationally touring Beatles show with young and energetic cast members capturing the feel and sound of the greatest rock 'n roll era of all-time.

The Four Lads from Liverpool that were The Beatles created and played some of the most memorable pop music ever written featuring great vocals and highly original arrangements of guitar, bass and drums. The band shaped the pop culture of yesterday and today, started “Beatlemania” and even “Britishmania” and ultimately became the greatest rock ‘n roll band of ALL TIME. 

This “best band ever” is still as popular today as they were in the 1960’s thanks to the release of Rock Band and their entire catalog on iTunes, a whole new fan base emerged in today’s youth as well as reenergized long-time fans with a love for the band the press called “the fab four”. Naturally, their popularity spawned a plethora of Beatles tribute acts. But which one is the best?

Britain’s Finest delivers a show that captures the spontaneity, charm, wit, and youthful appearance of The Beatles, as if they’d just walked off the set of their appearance on The Ed Sullivan show, perform in period-perfect costumes that capture the look of the band in their heyday. The high-energy performances of Britain’s Finest show the enthusiasm that the Beatles had during their iconic 1960’s performances. Britain’s Finest truly stirs up the fresh, energetic rawness which only The Beatles in person brought in the past. 

Britain’s Finest concerts also feature witty on-stage banter, which combines best-loved Beatles quotes with time-traveling antics (using an iPhone on the stage but not really “understanding” it) combines their stellar performances with a knowing nod-and-a-wink. 

So Let Us Introduce to You, The Act You’ve Known for All These Years, “Britain’s Finest” as The Beatles, Ruben Amaya as John Lennon, Jay Nixon as Paul McCartney, Robert J. Bielma as George Harrison, and Luis G. Renteria as Ringo Starr. 

Who needs Broadway? Relive Beatlemania at your event today! 

Britain's Finest - the finest

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded: 2011

Listen to this band sing and play their instruments, and you will be convinced that there is no better Beatles act touring today. From the ever-smiling bassist “Paul”, the introspective “John”, the steady “George” to the head-bobbing “Ringo”, this is as close as it gets to the real thing. 

The BRITAIN’S FINEST setlist consists of the greatest hits of all-time. And this band can go deep into the catalog as well, performing covers of songs with the attention to detail that the most discerning Beatles fans will truly appreciate. 

Book this Beatles tribute act today for your festival, corporate event, private event, high-end wedding, casino or theater and let your audience experience the magic of the music and “lads” of The Beatles like never before.

Britain's Finest - the finest

Much more than another Beatles cover band for your important event.

You’ve undoubtedly witnessed at least one Beatles tribute band in your lifetime, or presented one or more to your audiences. Many of these shows may have simply been a dress-alike without any additional pizzazz. 

That’s where BRITAIN’S FINEST differs from your typical Beatles cover band — these guys put on a show that blows past the standard-issue, and completely convinces you that you’re witnessing a true “channeling” of the spirit of THE BEATLES, from the iconic songs to the spot-on vocals you remember from the biggest-selling albums of all-time. 

Book BRITAIN’S FINEST for your next corporate event, private party or high-end wedding, and your guests will be talking about your special night and the good times they had for years to come!

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Watch the videos and see if you don’t agree that they are the best Beatles tribute you’ve ever heard. Just imagine what they’ll be able to do when unleashed upon your audience.

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Britain’s Finest

The Ultimate Tribute to the Music of The Beatles!

The Beatles Tribute Band 2

BRITAIN’S FINEST is a California-based tribute band paying homage to The Beatles. The Los Angeles-based show was founded in 2011 as the group began performing Beatles music throughout Southern California. 

BRITAIN’S FINEST has gone on to perform shows worldwide, in countries including the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Canada, Aruba, and Mexico covering the very best of The Beatles dizzying list of hits.

Today, the core group consists of Ruben Amaya (John Lennon), Jay Nixon (Paul McCartney), Robert J. Bielma (George Harrison) and Luis Renteria (Ringo Starr).

From 2017 to 2018 BRITAIN’S FINEST performed on Norwegian Cruise Lines “The Bliss”, with various members alternating between cast performing at  The Bliss’ “Cavern Club”, the legendary live birthplace of The Beatles. BRITAIN’S FINEST have continued to perform on many of Royal Caribbean’s fleet of ships from 2016-to the present.

In 2013, the band was asked to perform on AXS TV’s new show “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”, they were the first tribute band to launch the venerable show for the network.

BRITAIN’S FINEST performs throughout the United States, Canada and the world! See what the sensation is about, and request to book this band today


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of the band?


2. When was the band formed?


3. Where is the band based?

The Orange County area of the Los Angeles basin.

4. Who are the band members?

BRITAIN’S FINEST consists of Ruben Amaya as John Lennon, Jay Nixon as Paul McCartney, Robert J. Bielma as George Harrison, and Luis G. Renteria as Ringo Starr.

5. What instruments do the band members play?

Guitar, bass and drums, just like the original band, The Beatles!

6. What is the band’s repertoire?

All the greatest hits and even many of the deeper album cuts of the legendary BEATLES.

7. How often does the band perform?

BRITAIN’S FINEST performs regularly at private parties, corporate events, theaters, performing arts centers and even on cruise ships!

8. Where do the band members perform?

On stage, with each other, as BRITAIN’S FINEST.

9. What is the band’s fan base like?

The band’s fan base has grown exponentially since the early days in 2011. They maintain a rabid cadre of fans in the Southern California area.

10. Does the band have any recordings?

BRITAIN’S FINEST can be seen performing live on YouTube and other fine web properties near you!

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