The Top 10 Most Popular Tribute Bands

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Most Popular Tribute Bands

2 years ago, AC/DC released their long-awaited 17th album. But the road there was not without its upsets.

Some members passed away. Others retired. There was even a petition in 2016 to stop their tour, as the lead singer couldn’t continue.

Even if you got lucky enough to grab those tickets, you wouldn’t just be seeing the greatest hits. Bands that still tour play their new music. It’s just not the same!

What can you do if you want a classic concert with all their original music from back in the day? That’s when you see a tribute band.

Tribute bands are so well rehearsed, they feel like the real thing. Sometimes, they even sound better! But with so many tributes out there, how can you know which will be the best one to see live, or to book for your event?

We’ve got your back. Here are the top 10 most popular tribute bands in the US and beyond today.

#1 – The Best Queen Tribute Band: Bohemian Queen

With so many Queen tribute bands out there, how can anyone pick the best Queen tribute band? Easy – the one that’s more than just the Freddie Show.

Bohemian Queen’s musicians are all world-class performers who’ve fronted their own bands. When they come together, the resemblance is uncanny.

Even though this LA group was only formed three years ago, they sell out theaters across the country. They’re the perfect act for all events, from small weddings to huge beach festivals.

#2 – E5C4P3

Yes, there are many Journey tribute bands around. But E5C4P3, named after one of Journey’s most legendary albums, is the best Journey tribute band ever. Since 1993, they’ve been bringing their A-game to private and public events across the country. Each year, they become more and more in demand.

Having already booked 47 shows this year alone, we suggest you make your booking fast! They perform at festivals, theaters, and private events.

#3 – Brit Floyd

These guys are the self-proclaimed best Pink Floyd tribute band in the world. Currently, they’re on their 2022 world tour, hitting 15 countries!

Formed in 2011, this British band brings all the power you would expect of Pink Floyd themselves. Apparently, even Pink Floyd likes what they do. Sometimes, members that toured with Pink Floyd join them on stage!

If you’re lucky enough to snag them for a private event, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. But they’ll be worth it.

#4 – Zep-LA

Zep-LA’s members are all veterans of the music industry. This tribute brings the Led Zeppelin live experience like no one else can.

Their members have worked with rock ‘n’ roll legends like Poison and KISS. On top of that, others have produced music for major studios like Disney and Netflix.

Whether you’re looking for a festival headliner or the most rocking event ever, these guys will bring the energy you need.

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#5 – The Ultimate BOSTON Tribute Band

These musicians are even more than a tribute band. Frontman David Victor toured with BOSTON between 2012 to 2014, performing at the Boston Marathon bombing benefit, “Boston Strong” in 2013 for 20,000 at Boston Garden.

David played guitar and delivered stadium-filling vocals alongside the band. He is even on one of their studio recordings, from 2014, “Heaven On Earth”. Before and after his stint with BOSTON, David had always created his own original music, now expertly woven into his tribute shows.

This BOSTON tribute band lineup is the nearest thing to hearing the original band. Whether you want to sell out a fair or festival, these are the guys to do it.

#6 – Fab Four

This Beatles tribute band has claimed stages everywhere from Disneyland to Las Vegas. On top of that, they’ve been going strong for 25 years. They are true masters of their craft.

The band regularly recreates iconic Beatles set lists, as well as making up their own shows. They’re on tour right now, but are also available for private event entertainment.

#7 – Arrival from Sweden

Nearly 30 years old, this tribute band to ABBA has been recreating the magic since 1995. They’re so good at what they do, they even received permission to record an unreleased ABBA song.

Arrival from Sweden are currently touring the world. On special occasions, members that previously toured with ABBA even join them!

Even so, it might be possible to book them for a private event once their tour has come to a close. They’re the perfect way to take your wedding or corporate event to the next level.

#8 – Cubensis

The oldest band on this list, Cubensis have been bringing to life the Grateful Dead’s music since 1987.

They began as friends playing in backyards because the band didn’t tour enough near them. But now, they’ve evolved into their own phenomenon. They’ve been credited with bringing life back to the music and keeping it alive throughout the ages.

They may be a bit too heavy for most weddings. But they’re the right band to get the crowd going at private or public rock events!  

#9 – The Rocket Queens

It’s still possible to see Axl Rose of Guns ‘n’ Roses on tour. But if you’re craving the stadium-filling rock of their early albums, a tribute band is the best way to go.

The Rocket Queens are a Guns ‘n’ Roses tribute band that blows people away with their all-female lineup. Their second twist is that they only play the Appetite for Destruction album, claiming it’s the best one by far.

Available for private bookings, they’re a great band to get your event rocking!

#10 – Fremantle

Hailing from the southeastern states, this AC/DC tribute have been together for over 5 years. Their performances focus on the early days of the first five albums, so you can hear the classics you love. Everything from their stage antics to their sound makes them feel like the real thing.

Doing private shows everywhere from cruise ships to clubs, they’ll play any event that wants the AC/DC sound!

Hire a Tribute Band Today

If this article has got you buzzing to see your old favorites on stage again, we can help with that. Four of these acts can be booked directly through our website. Check out their videos to see just how close to the real thing they are.

Other than private bookings, many of these bands put on shows open to the public. Visit our upcoming shows page to get tickets to a tribute band concert near you. Make sure you keep up to date so you can grab the tickets as soon as they’re released.

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