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Cincinnati Ohio was the city of choice for the Moose International Convention held on July 4, 2021. Here’s a twist to the story of how Bohemian Queen was chosen to perform for this great organization that year.

Bohemian Queen at Moose International 1

Right place, right time

The Moose International decided 2021 was the year they were going to have a Queen Tribute Band perform for their Convention. They made their choice early in 2021, but with COVID restrictions still hanging on around the U.S., the original Queen tribute band they booked bailed on the Organization, and they had to scramble to look for a replacement.

Bohemian Queen had just made it to the top of Google searches for Queen Tribute Bands thanks to the savvy resources of founder David Victor, so when Walter Kenat, the promoter for the show, had to find a replacement, Bohemian Queen was at the top of the list.

Bohemian Queen at Moose International 2
Bohemian Queen makes it to the top of the Google search for Queen tribute bands

He immediately filled out the David Victor Presents website ‘booking’ form, Lily Horst responded with a phone call, got all the details for the show, emailed all the fellas in the band, and found that everyone was available and ready to roll. Within 2 days, a contract was prepared, emailed, signed and sealed.

It was one of the smoothest and quickest contracts in history! Well, maybe not in history, but Walter was very accommodating and easy going, as was Lily, so we all got ‘er done.

Walter Kenat is a Seasoned Promoter for Moose International

The reason the talks and contract went so smoothly is that Wally has been booking shows for the Moose International Convention for 30 years. Wally said the Moose International found him in the ‘Yellow Pages’ 30 years ago. If you are not sure what the Yellow Pages are, Google it! Google is what today’s ‘Yellow Pages’ are.

Each year, the Moose International Convention is in a different location with a different entertainer. Wally said he has booked Lee Greenwood, Kenny Rogers, Bobby Vinton and a host of other huge named stars, but this year, the Moose International wanted a Queen show. Walter has been all over the United States with this yearly Convention.

Moose International Mission

Wally gave a little background on the Mission of the Moose Lodge. Their headquarters is in the Chicago ‘burbs. They operate Mooseheart, a ‘child city’ and school in Chicago, which is like an orphanage. Mooseheart essentially raises kids who have no parents. The campus is west of Chicago and serves children from grades 1-12. It is a first-rate facility complete with dorms and a farm which educates the kids on the importance of farming.

The Moose Lodge also operates ‘Moosehaven‘ in Florida for senior citizens.

Their membership is over a million strong and are in the U.S., Canada & Great Britain.

A Heads-Up from Wally

The Moose membership tends to be a little on the elderly side, so Wally said he can never book a full-on head-banging rock band. He hinted that Bohemian Queen will have to keep the volume on the lower side of the needle because some of the elder Moos’ers will walk out if it’s too loud.

We are expecting about 2,500 members at the Convention in Cincinnati on July 4. Usually, 4,000 is the magic number of members attending, but with COVID still in our lives, I’m sure some of the members may play it safe and not attend this year.

Bohemian Queen at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati

The Moose International convention will be held this year at the Duke Energy Center and feature the amazing Bohemian Queen!
The fellas of Bohemian Queen will deliver an explosive show for the assembled Mooses at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati

Paulie, Glenn, Vic, Steve and Aaron are looking forward to performing at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati Ohio on July 4, 2021 for the Moose International Convention.

Thanks to Wally’s long-time experience with the Moose International Conventions, sounds like smooth sailing for the fellas from touchdown in Covington, Kentucky, transportation to the beautiful Hyatt in Cincinnati and the royal treatment at the Duke!

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