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Incredible vocals, guitar work, drumming, keyboards, featuring All the Greatest Hits as well as Fan Favorite Album Cuts

Zep-LA rises above the rest of the Led Zeppelin tribute bands with a 100% LIVE tribute show!

With a “Robert Plant”-style vocalist, “John Bonham”-style drummer and “Jimmy Page”-style guitarist that is second to none, the band faithfully performs all the greatest hits of this platinum band with polish and passion. 

Zep-LA recreates the magic of a Led Zeppelin concert like no one else can.

The band covers the music with a note-for-note accuracy and performs each show with the high-energy excitement of a real Led Zeppelin concert as well as visually recreating the essence of vintage 70s Zep! Your guests will leave astounded. 

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Home Base: Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded: 2019
Shows in 2021: 3
Shows in 2022: 7

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So Much More Than Just the Best Zeppelin Cover Band for Your Event!

You’ve undoubtedly witnessed at least one Zep tribute band in your lifetime, or presented one or more to your audiences. Most of these shows are simply a dress-alike without any additional pizzazz. 

But that’s where ZEP-LA differs from your typical Led Zeppelin cover band: every member of this tribute has fronted their own bands, and is an accomplished musician in their own right, with national-act caliber talent. 

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Watch the videos and see if you don’t agree that they are the best Led Zeppelin tribute you’ve ever heard. Just imagine what they’ll be able to do when unleashed upon your audience.

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More Than a Led Zeppelin Cover Band

The spirit of Led Zeppelin remains, and many continue to try to conjure it. 

The mountaintop peak of classic rock bands is indisputably Led Zeppelin. With a catalog featuring some of the most revered songs in history ever to ring from speakers, its songs combine the band’s unique tapestry of influences and sounds. From propulsive driving rock to wistful and gentle acoustics, spanning the raw lust of rock and roll and the worlds of fantasy and the occult. Led Zeppelin was a creative union never to be matched.

ZEP-LA, a powerful recreation of Zeppelin’s catalog, has its roots in the very origins of Led Zeppelin tribute bands. It arises out of a desire by some of LA’s top session musicians to capture the intangible essence of the legendary band. A labor of love and a true love letter to the fans who still believe in Led Zeppelin’s enduring magnetism.

Vocalist Paulie Z channels the wailing, haunting vocals of prototypical frontman Robert Plant. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, he led his own band ZO2 through a tour with rock heavyweights KISS and Poison, a band which was also chronicled in the IFC comedy series “Z Rock.” Paulie was also personally recruited to sing another legendary catalog with UK glam rockers Sweet.

Guitarist Steve Zukowsky is a founder of the original Led Zeppelin tribute band Led Zepagain, which resonated with widespread audiences aching for a true Zeppelin experience. He would return to explore the guitar wizardry of Jimmy Page in Zeppelin USA and Acoustic Graffiti. Veteran tribute band royalty, Steve was a finalist for the official Queen tribute band Queen Extravaganza, then performed the band’s guitar parts note-for-note in Sheer Heart Attack as well as those of Pink Floyd (Which One’s Pink?), Heart (Dog N Butterfly), The Rolling Stones and David Bowie (Windborne).

After wowing his native Buffalo, drummer Glenn Jost took New York City by storm where he pounded the drums down in the village while working for renowned Grammy-winning engineer Bob Ludwig. Moving to Los Angeles, Glenn carved a niche in an eclectic run of projects, playing at the Playboy Jazz Festival, drumming for the house band on FOX’s hit TV Series “Ally McBeal,” with the band of Broadway hit “Dreamgirls,” and bringing his skills to the comedy world with veterans like Robin Williams (Improv All-Stars) and albums with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”’s Laura Hall.

Canadian-born bassist Aaron Samson grew up in Los Angeles with the music bug, quickly landing himself on the legendary RCA Records roster and the classic documentary “The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years.” A protege of legendary composer David Foster, Aaron would go on to play with various LA bands as well as rock heroes like George Lynch (Dokken) and Steven Adler (Guns ‘N Roses) and John 5 (David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson).

Keyboardist Victor Bender began his musical life in Colombia, playing the clubs, assisting at the studio of prominent label Fuentes Records and crafting demos for artists including pop sensation Juanes on Universal Records. Moving to Los Angeles, Victor formed Bender Post and dove into campaigns for major national brands (Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nordstrom, Dawn) and TV and movie studios (Disney, Paramount, Netflix, Sony, Universal, FOX). He would pay homage to another great classic rock catalog, playing the keys in Queen tribute band Sheer Heart Attack.

ZEP-LA is an experience like no other, a complete immersion into the ethereal world of Led Zeppelin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Queen tribute bands?

Naturally, there are many Queen tribute bands, since the band was so staggeringly popular in its heyday, and remains so today, with Broadway Musicals, major theatrical releases (like the amazing “Bohemian Rhapsody”) and the band itself continues to tour, although much less than it did back in the 1980s.

When did BOHEMIAN QUEEN start?

The band formed in late 2019, just in time for the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the near-complete shutdown of the live entertainment industry. Fortunately, the guys found lots to do while the world locked down, and the band put together a series of fun videos expertly edited by the band’s frontman, Paulie Z. 

Who is the guy that sounds like Freddie Mercury?

We think our own Paulie Z sounds (and looks!) a whole lot like the real Freddie back in the day. There are many great Freddie clones out there. Let us know what you think about Bohemian Queen!

What is the best Queen tribute band?

Of course, the term “best” is up to the individual, but we think that BOHEMIAN QUEEN is second to none in terms of a Queen tribute band, with costume changes, an expert band, and our fabulous frontman, Paulie Z!

How many Queen tribute bands are there?

According to Shane McDonald, keeper of the flame of Queen tributes, there are now over 75 Queen Tribute Bands in the world, and the list grows by the month!

Why play “dress up” for this band?

When it comes to Freddie, people kind of expect “dress up” that was his trademark. So why not give the people what they want? That’s exactly what BOHEMIAN QUEEN does. 

Led Zeppelin tribute band - Zep LA

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