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The Iconic Songs of Led Zeppelin Reimagined

UnZepped is where the iconic tracks of Led Zeppelin are reimagined with a
moody atmospheric fusion of American blues and English folk using violin, mandolin, acoustic Guitars, fretless bass, and exotic percussion. They also seamlessly transition into lively up-tempo renditions all punctuated by soaring vocals.

And due to popular demand, UnZepped is also available “fully-Ledded”: an electrified show which will knock your audience’s socks off!

The ensemble stars Adi Argelazi and her shredding razor-sharp rock ‘n roll vocals. Listen to the video samples and you’ll agree: this is a vocal and performance force to be reckoned with. Her accomplishments appearances on Israeli Idol, collaborations with renowned artists like Alex Lifson and Marco Minnemann, a world tour with Abbarama as “Agnetha”, and in Las Vegas, where she embodies the spirit of Janis Joplin in the acclaimed “27 Show” at the Virgin Hotel.

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Home Base: Los Angeles, CA
Year Founded: 2023
Shows in 2023: 4

Book this Led Zeppelin tribute act today for your festival, corporate event, private event, casino or theater and let your audience experience the magic of the music of the mighty ZEP like never before.

UnZepped is available in acoustic and electric “flavors” — choose your own adventure, and let this incredible band and magnetic vocalist blow your audience away!

Listen to UnZepped 100% LIVE at the Whiskey A-Go-Go

UnZepped: “Immigrant Song” – 100% LIVE

Unzepped: “Black Dog” LIVE 2023 at the Whiskey A-Go-Go

About the Band

UnZepped is the brainchild of acclaimed bassist Chuck Wright, a multi-platinum recording artist, formerly of Quiet Riot. When you hear “Bang Your Head” at football games, you’re hearing the incredible low end chops of Mr. Wright. 

Wright’s collaborations extend to rock icons like Alice Cooper and Slash, and his music has reverberated from Moscow to Tokyo since 1985.

Guitarist Jake Faun, with touring credits that include Selena Gomez and Winger, adds an eclectic blend of country, pop, and rock tones to UnZepped’s sound.

Multi-instrumentalist Matt Hevesh, a Berklee College of Music alumnus, enriches UnZepped’s performances with the sweet sounds of Violin, Guitar, and Mandolin, while percussionist Scott Breadman, with a resume that includes names like Paul Simon and Moby, also contributes to UnZepped. His work features in popular productions like The Austin Powers Films and The Simpsons.

UnZepped creates a unique sound experience that transcends borders and generations. Its music is designed to connect, inspire, and transport listeners to another realm.

And it’s also available in FULLY-ELECTRIC flavor too!


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Request UnZepped - THE Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

Unzepped - Led Zeppelin Tribute Band 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Queen tribute bands?

Naturally, there are many Queen tribute bands, since the band was so staggeringly popular in its heyday, and remains so today, with Broadway Musicals, major theatrical releases (like the amazing “Bohemian Rhapsody”) and the band itself continues to tour, although much less than it did back in the 1980s.

When did BOHEMIAN QUEEN start?

The band formed in late 2019, just in time for the global COVID-19 pandemic, and the near-complete shutdown of the live entertainment industry. Fortunately, the guys found lots to do while the world locked down, and the band put together a series of fun videos expertly edited by the band’s frontman, Paulie Z. 

Who is the guy that sounds like Freddie Mercury?

We think our own Paulie Z sounds (and looks!) a whole lot like the real Freddie back in the day. There are many great Freddie clones out there. Let us know what you think about Bohemian Queen!

What is the best Queen tribute band?

Of course, the term “best” is up to the individual, but we think that BOHEMIAN QUEEN is second to none in terms of a Queen tribute band, with costume changes, an expert band, and our fabulous frontman, Paulie Z!

How many Queen tribute bands are there?

According to Shane McDonald, keeper of the flame of Queen tributes, there are now over 75 Queen Tribute Bands in the world, and the list grows by the month!

Why play “dress up” for this band?

When it comes to Freddie, people kind of expect “dress up” that was his trademark. So why not give the people what they want? That’s exactly what BOHEMIAN QUEEN does. 

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