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DVP Meet 'n Greet

If you’re a fan of a classic rock band, you know if you can score a Meet ‘n Greet with the band, that’s almost more exciting than the show. I was actually a fan of the Boston tribute band show David Victor formerly of Boston (formerly BOSTYX) first, so I know.

When I had the chance to see BOSTYX for the first time in Matthews, North Carolina, I thought the show was so energizing and actually better than national touring shows. But it was the Meet ‘n Greet after the show that I could not wait for to finally meet everyone and have them sign a copy of my personalized Pennsylvania license plate with the name BOSTYX on it.

Now that I work for David, I get to plan meet ‘n greets, and invite fans that are as excited to meet the band as I was in 2013. I keep an eye on Facebook posts, and if someone says they are coming to a show, I message them and invite them to a meet ‘n greet.

It is extra work, but I know what it means to them to be invited.

Meet 'n Greets Are The Best! 1
Meet ‘n Greet Before the Show at The Cannery in Las Vegas 2018

Our biggest Meet ‘n Greet was in Las Vegas a few years ago at The Cannery Casino. I think everyone got to say hi to the guys, and we got a picture of the whole gang. After the show, the line was 5 times longer for autographs, but the guys love it!

Heck, sometimes the guys will even do warmup vocals for the fans, which actually helps them warm up for the show. The harmony you hear in all of David Victor’s shows is phenomenal, so why not show it off! Here’s one from The Lincoln Theater in Yountville, CA, for the Rock Stars & Stripes show in October 2016.

Vocal Warmups at Meet ‘n Greet in Yountville CA for ROCK STARS & STRIPES show

We are lucky to have what we call super-fans that will travel to all corners of the Country to follow David Victor formerly of Boston. From Pennsylvania, we had Debbie & Jeff Schaffer (Jeff passed away last August from COVID), who traveled to Niagara Falls, Vegas, Pittsburgh and Texas, and Jackie Carlin who left PA for Niagara Falls and Saginaw Michigan.

Then there is Patti & Floyd Johnson from LA area who attend most California shows and also traveled to Vegas a few times, Niagara Falls and Texas, AND I hear through the grapevine, will be coming to PA to see Bohemian Queen in June.

Greg Nowak crossed the border from Canada to Michigan and Niagara Falls. Eve York loves leaving Arizona for Vegas and the California shows.

Greg Williams and Tracey Locker are super fans who will show up at every California and Vegas show. Greg is the only person I could talk into getting his license plate changed to BOSTYX just before we were not allowed to use that name anymore, but he loves it anyway just as I do.

Meet 'n Greets Are The Best! 2
Greg Williams and Tracey Locker outside the Black Bear Diner in Vegas March 2019

When we are anywhere in Ohio or surrounding areas, we have a list a mile long of fans just waiting, anticipating a David Victor show.

As for me and my travel buddy, co-conspirator and best friend, Linda Brothers, we’ve been everywhere man!

Meet 'n Greets Are The Best! 3
At the AVI Casino in Laughlin Nevada December 2013

Fingers crossed for future shows that we will still be able to have meet ‘n greets. I’ll be keeping my eye on Facebook to see who’s coming!!!

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