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If you are a die-hard Aerosmith fan, then you know there is nothing better than hearing this Boston bad boys band’s music live at your fave rave local venue. The magnetism of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry is unparalleled — or at least the closest thing we Yanks have to the Rolling Stones.

With legendary hits like “Love in an Elevator”, “Rag Doll”, “Back in the Saddle”, “Dream On”, “Dude (Looks like a Lady)”, “Mama Kin”, “Draw the Line”, “Cryin'”, “Jaded” and so many more, the band’s catalog of hits ensures that every fan will leave their live concerts still wanting more.

But what if Aerosmith isn’t currently touring? That’s where tribute bands come in. These bands dedicate themselves to recreating the experience of an Aerosmith concert, down to every last detail.

But with so many tribute bands out there, how do you choose the ultimate Aerosmith tribute band?

In this countdown, we will discuss what makes an Aerosmith tribute band great and give you a list of the top 10 Aerosmith tribute bands in the world. We’ll also provide some honorable mentions for those who didn’t quite make the cut.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to rock as we take you through the ultimate guide to choosing the right Aerosmith tribute band for your event.

What Makes an Aerosmith Tribute Band the Best?

Capturing the essence of an Aerosmith concert is no easy feat, but the world’s best tribute bands make it look effortless. Attention to detail is key, with top tribute bands working tirelessly to replicate Aerosmith’s sound, style, and appearance down to the smallest detail.

But it’s not just about technical proficiency – a great tribute band also needs to embody Aerosmith’s energy and enthusiasm, engaging with the audience and creating an experience that feels authentic and true to the spirit of the band.

Ultimately, what makes an Aerosmith tribute band truly stand out is their passion for the music and dedication to preserving the legacy of one of rock’s most iconic acts.

These talented musicians hail from all over the world and bring their unique style and interpretation to Aerosmith’s iconic music.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a fun night out, seeing one of these top 10 Aerosmith tribute bands live is a must-see experience. From Dream On: The Aerosmith Tribute Band to Toys in the Attic, each group offers a high-energy performance that captures the spirit and energy of Aerosmith’s legendary concerts.

And now, on with the countdown!

#1: Aeromyth

Our #1 choice for all-around “best Aerosmith tribute band” is the incredible AEROMYTH. Sporting a perfect band name and an unmistakable joie de vivre, this highly acclaimed Aerosmith tribute band has bludgeoned audiences with this fantastic music catalog for over 15 years. Their reputation for delivering an authentic Aerosmith experience complete with stage costumes, props and lighting effects, precedes them.

Sporting what, for my money, is the best all-around “Steven Tyler” in lead vocalist Gil Serrano and the legendary Frankie Wilsey (nee Frankie Wilsex from Head On, Aeromyth delivers a full-throttle, national-act caliber show.

In 2010, former Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo joined Aeromyth on stage for a sold-out performance at the Las Vegas Hilton. This was a significant moment for the tribute band, as they had the opportunity to perform with a musician who was part of the original Aerosmith lineup.

Another remarkable collaboration occurred when Aerosmith founding member and original guitarist Raymond Tabano joined Aeromyth on stage. This performance marked the beginning of a long-term friendship between Aeromyth and Tabano. It’s not often that a tribute band has the chance to perform with and form a close bond with the musicians they are paying tribute to.

Additionally, in an interview on iHeartRadio, Aerosmith’s lead vocalist Steven Tyler gave his endorsement to Aeromyth when asked about his feelings toward tribute artists. This endorsement from one of rock music’s most iconic figures further solidified Aeromyth’s reputation and recognition within the tribute community.

These interactions and collaborations with Aerosmith and its original members set Aeromyth apart from other tribute bands. Their ability to establish personal connections with the very musicians they pay tribute to demonstrates the high level of respect and admiration they have earned within the Aerosmith fan community.

Having performed at major venues across the United States and internationally, including the House of Blues and Hard Rock Cafes, Aeromyth is undoubtedly one of the best tribute bands in the world. If you’re an Aerosmith fan looking for an unforgettable live music experience, Aeromyth is a must-see tribute band that won’t disappoint!

#2: Pandora’s Box

With over 30 years of experience, Pandora’s Box feels like a “big box” tribute to one of the greatest classic rock bands in the world. The band has earned a reputation for its high-energy performances that pay homage to Aerosmith’s music and stage presence. Each member of the band is a seasoned musician with a deep appreciation for Aerosmith’s music, contributing to an authentic tribute experience that leaves fans feeling like they’ve seen the real thing.

Formed in 2015 by Nathan Utz, Steve Taylor, and former guitarist Troy McLawhorn (now a member of Evanescence), Pandora’s Box quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Their lineup solidified when accomplished guitarist Tim Cabe, previously associated with the legendary southern rock band The Outlaws, joined the ranks. In instances where Tim isn’t available, Ricky Alexander, renowned guitarist for country music artist Bill Gentry, seamlessly fills in.

Rounding out the band is drummer Michael Foreman and bassist Trent Horne, whose connection with Steve and Nathan through mutual acquaintances and friendships led them to complete this phenomenal Aerosmith experience. With years of experience in the Atlanta music scene and performances on stages nationwide, Michael and Trent bring a contagious positive energy and exceptional talent that perfectly complements the band’s vision.

Both on and off stage, Pandora’s Box operates as a tightly-knit unit, driven by professionalism during the day and a shared love for music, showmanship, and friendship at night. With their unwavering dedication, this extraordinary tribute band is on an ambitious mission to ascend to the very pinnacle of the tribute band world in record time, leaving audiences awe-inspired and craving for more.

Whether performing at major events or intimate venues, Pandora’s Box delivers a memorable experience that captures the essence of one of rock’s greatest bands.

#3: RagDolls

For over 20 years, RagDolls has been entertaining audiences with their impressive Aerosmith covers. Comprised of four talented musicians who have honed their craft to sound and look like the original band, RagDolls delivers high-energy performances that capture the spirit of classic Aerosmith hits.

Powerhouse lead vocalist Susie Major easily manages Tyler’s signature growl and scream. And Major also has national act credibility, as she was formerly with Sony Music’s Cry Wolf.

RagDolls’ loyal fans appreciate the authenticity and dedication they bring to every show. In addition to live performances, and they also offer studio recordings of their covers for fans to enjoy – a testament to the band’s commitment to bringing the Aerosmith experience to life in all its forms.

#4: Dream On: The Aerosmith Tribute Band

Dream On: The Aerosmith Tribute Band is a must-see for any music enthusiast. With over 20 years of experience, they have perfected their sound and stage presence to match the iconic rock band. From “Dream On” to “Walk This Way,” they perform all of Aerosmith’s greatest hits with impeccable musicianship.

And  it’s not just about the music; Dream On also pays homage to Aerosmith’s fashion sense and theatrics, creating an authentic and unforgettable experience that leaves the audience wanting more. Catch them live for a night of pure rock ‘n’ roll energy!

#5: Pump: The Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute

Pump: The Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute is a band that knows how to put on a show. Their high-energy performances and attention to detail make them one of the best Aerosmith tribute bands in the world.

With members boasting impressive musical backgrounds and experience in the tribute band industry, Pump has honed their craft to offer fans an experience that captures the spirit of Aerosmith.

Their setlist includes all the classic hits as well as some deeper cuts, ensuring that fans get a taste of everything they love about the iconic rock band. If you’re looking for an unforgettable live music experience, Pump is sure to deliver.

#6: Walk This Way: The Aerosmith Experience

Walk This Way: The Aerosmith Experience is a tribute band that strives to capture the essence of the legendary rock band’s music and stage presence. With high-energy performances and attention to detail, they’ve quickly gained popularity among Aerosmith fans.

The members of this tribute are highly experienced professional musicians who have toured across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America. The band members’ impressive musical backgrounds shine through during their pinpoint-accurate renditions of classic hits like “Dream On” and “Sweet Emotion,” making Walk This Way a must-see for any fan looking for an authentic tribute experience.

#7: Draw the Line

Draw the Line is an Aerosmith tribute band that has garnered a reputation for its authenticity and attention to detail. To wit: Draw The Line’s lead singer, Neill Byrnes, won a Steven Tyler look-alike contest on 107.3 WAAF, another one of Boston’s biggest rock radio stations.

With over three decades of experience under their belts, the band members have perfected the sound, look, and feel of Aerosmith’s live performances. Draw the Line has shared the stage with members of Aerosmith themselves on multiple occasions, receiving accolades from both fans and critics alike.

For any die-hard Aerosmith fan looking for a memorable experience, Draw the Line’s shows are undoubtedly a must-see. With over 2000 performances in over 100 cities, Draw The Line is sure soon to be in a venue near you!

#8: Last Child

Capturing the essence of Aerosmith’s music is no easy feat, but Last Child manages to do it with ease. Since 1999, this cover band has been impressing audiences with their authentic performance and high-energy shows.

Their passion for the band’s music shines through in every note they play, making them a must-see for any Aerosmith fan. With a repertoire that spans the band’s entire career, Last Child delivers a memorable performance that will leave you feeling like you’re actually watching Aerosmith live on stage.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable night of rock and roll, check out Last Child and see what all the fuss is about!

#9: Toys in the Attic

While it’s a bit unclear if this band still exists, Toys in the Attic at least was a tribute band that paid homage to Aerosmith’s early years. The band comprised experienced musicians who were enthusiastic about delivering an authentic performance. Their performances were well-received at various events and venues across the United States, including casinos and festivals.

Toys in the Attic was an excellent option for those seeking a nostalgic experience of Aerosmith’s earliest hits from the 1970s. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience of the band’s extensive discography, Last Child and RagDolls are also great options to consider.

Honorable Mentions

While the top 10 Aerosmith tribute bands have gained recognition for their exceptional performances, several other notable mentions are worth checking out. These bands have honed their craft to pay homage to one of history’s greatest American rock bands.

From Sweet Emotionz to World Tour – Legends of Rock and Erasmith, there is an array of options to suit your event or music preference. The criteria used to determine the best Aerosmith tribute band vary but include factors such as authenticity, energy, and performance quality.

Additionally, Aerosmith’s influence on classic rock tribute bands continues to inspire musicians worldwide, making them a must-see live act.

Sweet Emotionz

Sweet Emotionz is an Aerosmith tribute band that has gained significant popularity in the United States. The band consists of talented musicians who have been performing together for over a decade and are known for their authentic renditions of Aerosmith’s greatest hits. Sweet Emotionz’s performances are complete with costumes and stage props, which recreate the experience of attending an actual Aerosmith concert. If you’re an Aerosmith fan looking to relive the magic of the band’s live shows, Sweet Emotionz is definitely worth checking out.

World Tour – Legends of Rock

World Tour – Legends of Rock is a tribute band that has gained recognition for their high-energy and authentic performances. With a focus on iconic rock legends such as, well, Aerosmith, their talented musicians recreate the sound and look of the original artists. The band has toured extensively across the US and internationally, bringing their tribute to audiences around the world. In addition to Aerosmith, they also perform songs by other famous bands such as AC/DC, Bon Jovi, and Guns N’ Roses. If you’re looking for an unforgettable tribute experience that pays homage to multiple legendary acts, World Tour – Legends of Rock is definitely worth checking out.


The world’s champ best-named Aerosmith cover band, Erasmith, an Aerosmith tribute band from the Netherlands, is a top contender for any Aerosmith fan looking for an authentic and high-energy concert experience. Since their formation in 2015, Erasmith has played at various festivals and events throughout Europe, earning them a dedicated fanbase. Their attention to detail and diverse setlist comprising classic hits and deeper cuts make them stand out from other tribute acts. If you want to experience the energy of an Aerosmith concert without breaking the bank, Erasmith is definitely worth checking out.

Aerosmith Rocks

Aerosmith Rocks is a tribute band that has been captivating audiences worldwide for over two decades. Their high-energy performances and authentic renditions of Aerosmith’s greatest hits have earned them a dedicated following of fans, if not a great deal of information on the internet. Well, they’re out there doing it, and that’s what counts!

How to Choose the Right Aerosmith Tribute Band for Your Event

When selecting an Aerosmith tribute band for your event, it’s essential to consider several factors.

The experience and reputation of the band within the tribute industry are crucial. Additionally, watching videos of the band’s performances can give you an idea of their style and quality. And of course, checking their setlist ahead of time is also vital to ensure they will play the songs you want to hear.

Lastly, reviews from previous clients or attendees can be a helpful tool in gauging overall satisfaction with the band’s performance.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that you choose the best Aerosmith tribute band for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for being considered a top Aerosmith tribute band?

To be considered a top Aerosmith tribute band, the ability to replicate their sound and energy is crucial. But let’s face it: if your “Steve Tyler” or “Joe Perry” is “off” a little bit, the whole illusion is less compelling. Therefore, attention to detail in terms of costumes, stage presence, and mannerisms can also set a band apart. A strong fan following and positive reviews from audiences and critics alike are important indicators of success.

Of course, the criteria for being considered a top tribute band will ultimately vary depending on individual preferences and opinions.

How do these tribute bands capture the essence of Aerosmith’s music and live performances?

Tribute bands capture the essence of Aerosmith’s music and live performances by studying their music and performances to accurately replicate them. They use similar instruments, equipment, and stage setups to recreate the same sound and atmosphere. Tribute bands may also dress up in costumes and makeup to resemble the band members.

The goal of tribute bands is to provide fans with an authentic Aerosmith experience they wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. By doing so, they are able to keep the spirit of Aerosmith’s music alive and well for generations of fans to come.

Are there any notable differences between the different Aerosmith tribute bands?

Yes, there are notable differences between different Aerosmith tribute bands. Each band has its own unique style and interpretation of the music. Some may focus on replicating the original band’s sound, while others may twist it. Additionally, the talent and experience of the tribute band members can vary wildly.

To find the best tribute band for you, it’s recommended to do some research on the YouTubes and listen to different bands before deciding which one to see. This way, you can ensure that you’re seeing a performance that aligns with your preferences and expectations.

What sets the best Aerosmith tribute bands apart from others in the industry?

The best Aerosmith tribute bands stand out from others in the industry by paying attention to detail, replicating the band’s sound and style, and having a deep knowledge of their discography and history. They are comprised of skilled musicians who capture the essence of each member of Aerosmith while also bringing their own unique energy to make the audience feel like they are at an authentic Aerosmith concert.

Their ability to truly embody and pay homage to the legendary rock band sets them apart in the world of tribute bands.

Are there any downsides to hiring an Aerosmith tribute band?

While hiring an Aerosmith tribute band can be a fun way to enjoy the music of the iconic rock band, there are some potential downsides to consider. There is always a risk that the tribute band may not meet your expectations or provide the same level of performance quality as the original band. To ensure you get the best possible experience, it’s important to do your research on YouTube (live videos tell all!) and read reviews (preferably in!) before hiring an Aerosmith tribute band.


If you’re looking for a tribute band the way Aerosmith intended, then look no further. With our guide to the world’s best Aerosmith tribute bands, you have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Whether you are a fan of the classics or love their new stuff, we’ve got it all covered. So if you’re ready to rock out with some of the best tribute bands in the world, get in touch with us today!

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