2024 Mid-Year Tribute Brand Rankings

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Heart tribute band Dog & Butterfly from Los Angeles

What is a Tribute “Brand”?

We all know what a tribute band is, but what is a “tribute brand“? It is the original band’s name, searched for on Google by event planners and booking agents, with “tribute”, “cover band”, and other key terms added to the search, showing the relative interest in booking a tribute band based on a particular original band.

For example, an event planner may have a Bay Area-themed party, looking for a great Journey tribute band, or an international event planner is looking for a great tribute to The Beatles.

For those unfamiliar with our surveys, we look at the most-searched tribute brands in the U.S. and the World and rank each brand according to the number of searches on Google in the previous month. We perform this public service twice each year. Let’s get rockin’!

2024 Mid-Year Stalwarts & Surprises

Each time we do a survey, there are a few surprises as brands rise or fall in the survey. Sometimes, the original band is being honored or discussed in some way, such as a new inclusion into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, or when a movie was made, starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, about Queen. Occasionally, a new tribute band will enter the scene, or an established tribute band might make a guest appearance on a TV show or podcast.

Speaking of tribute brand Queen, they top our Global Searches chart, with over 11,000 people searching for Queen tribute bands. Tribute brands including The Beatles and Journey top our U.S. Searches at #1, #2 respectively, with the Grateful Dead relinquishing their #1 spot from our January survey, falling two spots to #3.

Fast-rising tribute brands in our new survey included The Doors and Earth, Wind & Fire moving up 28 spots, and the legendary lady rockers Heart (premier Heart tribute band “Dog & Butterfly” pictured above!) moving up 21 spots to #15.

The Bee Gees and Metallica hold their previous positions, while the BOSTON tribute brand moves up 4 spots to snag position #23.

The tribute brand “Billy Idol” drops 11 spots to #90, while our last-place tribute brand finisher at #92, is the loveable J. Geils Band.

Where is your favorite tribute brand in our survey? Let us know what you think!

Tribute Brands June 2024 Full Results

The table is searchable and sortable, so feel free to search for your favorite band and see how they ranked in the U.S. and globally.

Tribute BrandJune 2024 RankingsRank Change 2024US Searches 2024Global Searches 2024
Grateful Dead3-25,5805,830
Fleetwood Mac605,3208,680
Led Zeppelin7-25,0006,110
Pink Floyd814,7007,520
Van Halen1222,0202,300
Bee Gees1601,08011,340
Tom Petty183830890
The Doors19288101,170
Motley Crue 206760930
Zac Brown220650720
Rolling Stones24-46101,120
Bob Seger262590700
Dave Matthews272550600
Beach Boys284530690
Lynyrd Skynyrd29-6520580
Jimmy Buffet30-5520530
Bon Jovi3225201,210
Taylor Swift335490560
Creedence / CCR34204901,640
Guns N Roses / GNR35-5480840
Allman Brothers36-5460520
Johnny Cash373440730
Black Sabbath40-1340630
Michael Jackson415300380
Pearl Jam42-1290440
Billy Joel 43-1270390
Steve Miller44-1260480
ZZ Top450260470
Earth Wind and Fire4628220350
Linkin Park472200820
Stevie Wonder48-4190250
Alice in Chains49-1190210
Tina Turner516170400
Bob Marley5411120300
Tainted Love56-1100100
David Bowie58090250
Elton John59090250
Trippin Billies6019090
Green Day 61-180130
Radiohead 63180130
James Taylor64-648090
George Michael / Wham66360140
Paul Mccartney67-450160
Frank Sinatra68-15050
Rod Stewart69-15090
The Smiths71165070
Dire Straits72-7250530
Bruno Mars74-440120
Whitney Houston79103050
John Denver80-272020
George Strait8102020
Buddy Holly82-21010
Air Supply 83-51010
Blues Brother84-3400
Taylor Hawkins85-800
Jason Aldean87-300
The Clerks89-300
Billy Idol90-1100
Green River91-900
J. Geils Band92-900

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  1. Carpenters ranked 62! Of the 80 searches for that name, i was probably 40 of them! But seriously, nice work putting this together!

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