A Queen Tribute Band Like No Other

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Bohemian Queen tribute band performing live

BOHEMIAN QUEEN Goes the Extra Mile

If you are a Queen tribute band, you better be prepared to offer a Queen tribute show like no other. BOHEMIAN QUEEN does just that.

BOHEMIAN QUEEN frontman, Paulie Z, will tell the audience that he is not Freddie Mercury. He is Brooklyn-born with a Brooklyn accent, and the total band is dedicated to keeping the music alive and performed to perfection. And the fact that Paulie looks like Freddie Mercury doesn’t hurt.

When David Victor Presents and the 5 fellas from Los Angeles brainstormed about forming the best Queen tribute band, they wanted to give venues a unique approach to Queen, something new, something exciting, something different, and something extra to benefit the local community.

Wardrobe Changes

We’ve all seen several Queen tribute bands over the years and have taken notice of their different approaches to Queen music. One Queen show is more like a production with the frontman imitating ‘Freddie’, another merely a list of songs performed in concert style.

But the deliverance and style that BOHEMIAN QUEEN brings to the stage is mesmerizing, new, and exciting. Wardrobe changes in a BOHEMIAN QUEEN show are endless and not without some thought. The songs performed and the wardrobe changes are perfectly matched to the era they were born.

A Queen Tribute Band Like No Other 1
BOHEMIAN QUEEN gives their audiences quite a show!

The Musicians of BOHEMIAN QUEEN

Each of the fellas in BOHEMIAN QUEEN is a seasoned national touring musician that was chosen not only for their ability to play an instrument but to harmonize and perform each Queen song on the setlist to perfection.

Let’s meet the band…Paulie Z, Glenn Jost, Victor Bender, Steve Zukowsky, Aaron Samson.

BOHEMIAN QUEEN Promo Video – Tons of talent!

Going the X-tra Mile During COVID

BOHEMIAN QUEEN’s debut was January 1, 2020. Shortly thereafter, COVID took out the entertainment industry with avengeance. Venues were closed and stayed closed for nearly a year or more.

Instead of sitting around twiddling their thumbs, the fellas got busy piecing together individual videos of their beloved Queen songs to stay ‘in tune’ during the lockdown.

It was a brilliant idea and all the videos were meticulously done and emailed to venue directors during the year to keep their name alive and to prepare for the reopening of the live music industry.

Here is one COVID video that is sure to bring a smile to your face and to show you the ingenuity of the band members, especially during the Holidays when we were all stuck at home, most without our families.

The fellas of BOHEMIAN QUEEN top off the 2020 with a Holiday COVID video…genius, just genius!

Bringing Music Education to Local Communities

Starting in 2022, with each BOHEMIAN QUEEN show, Paulie Z will reach out to the local community by working with a local preschool or nonprofit school that provides music education to their kids and visit with them to show the kids how important music is in their lives.

Paulie’s gentle teaching, love for music and interest in early music education will be a plus for any community and will be an important addition to each show day.

BOHEMIAN QUEEN Audiences Will Demand a Repeat Performance

A Queen Tribute Band Like No Other 2
Giving the audience the ‘royal’ treatment

When BOHEMIAN QUEEN has a sell-out show and the audience is up on their feet and singing louder than the fellas, it is our hope that they will demand a repeat performance.

A couple of weeks ago, BOHEMIAN QUEEN, along with the members of the audience, blew the doors off the Pella Opera House in Pella, Iowa. Pella is a beautiful and quiet little town, the people are all so nice and friendly, but when it came to BOHEMIAN QUEEN, the folks in Des Moines might have thought there was an earthquake!

A Queen Tribute Band Like No Other 3
Long Live the Queen!

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  1. Cousin Lily. This was a great introduction to the group, very well put together…. Wonder if they could play at Denver Red Rocks?, or some place like JAS Aspen…or even a smaller venue such as the Glenwood Adventure park.. Didn’t Bostyx p!ay Steamboat Springs ? Keep it going cuz…Soup

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